October Photofest: Glasses make the man

Glasses give the veneer of book smarts while being easy enough to whip off when K-drama actors are ready to reveal just how hot they really are.

Lee Jong Suk

Rather than the typical bookish black frames, Lee Jong Suk goes for the Scandinavian architect look. Just picture the words, “Jag är din dröm arkitekt” coming out of Lee Jong Suk’s mouth.

Lee Sang Yoon

The glasses are cute, but I think they hide Lee Sang Yoon’s face too much. Take them off, Lee Sang Yoon, and that shirt, too, while you’re at it.

Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook likes to wear glasses, and I approve, because it makes him a little more down-to-earth. He may be prettier than me, but at least, he’s myopic.
Kim Jae Wook

Chun Jung Myung

Finally, the four eye geek that we expect! Chung Jung Myung wants you to know that he’s reading a graphic novel, not a comic book.
Chun Jung Myung Cosmopolitan March 2015

Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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