October Photofest: Touch My Face

Why do so many Korean actors cover their faces with their hands? We don’t know, but let’s enjoy the results.

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki fell in the pool, because he was overwhelmed by his own hotness.


Go Ah Sung

Go Ah Sung has a secret, but she’s hiding it behind her hand.

Go Ah Sung hand to face

Park Seo Joon

I’m not going to lie; Park Seo Joon’s hand is on his face, but you can guess why this picture is really here. You’re welcome.


Daniel Choi

Is he laughing? Is he crying? Is he smothering a yawn? Daniel Choi, you man of mystery, you.

Daniel Choi

Lee Chun Hee

Lee Chun Hee is tired, so he can only bring the intensity with one side of his face. It still works, though.


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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