October Photofest: Leather jacket

Everyone knows the ultimate cool accessory is a black leather jacket. Especially for rebels without a cause, but with lots of style.

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin likes to live on the edge, teetering precariously on a chair. He’s such a rebel, he doesn’t even need socks.

Song Ji Hyo

I wanted to say something clever, but I just like this look on Song Ji Hyo.


Lee Min Ho

See the power of leather jackets? This is the best picture of Lee Min Ho ever.

Lee Min Ho High Cut

Jung Il Woo

I’m not sure if the fully buttoned shirt was the way to go with this leather jacket, but follow your heart, Jung Il Woo. I won’t judge.


Nam Joo Hyuk and Oh Sang Jin

Nam Joo Hyuk and Oh Sang Jin are wondering when the Pink Ladies are coming in Grease Lightning to pick them up.


Lee Soo Hyuk

This jacket only has leather sleeves, but I include this photo as a bonus. Enjoy!


Readers: Was this photo set a trick or treat?

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