October Photofest: Eyeliner

Every beauty guru says eyeliner is the way to make your eyes pop. Here are some K-drama actors taking advantage of this good advice.

Lee Jong Suk and Kwang Hee

I wonder where Lee Jong Suk and Kwang Hee are going in these outfits. I hope it’s not clubbing, because I’m pretty sure drop-crotch leather pants aren’t great to dance in. Then again, Kwang Hee is a professional, so he’ll probably manage.


Jae Joong

Let’s imagine a K-drama where Jae Joong appears like this. I’ll say he’s a vampire rock star who falls for his bitchy, but secretly caring manager. The show is a tragedy, because Jae Joong spends all of his time looking into mirrors, unable to see his own beauty.


Park Soo Ae

Soo Ae demonstrates how to win at the eyeliner game.

Soo Ae


Taecyeon got all sweaty doing something, but his eyeliner hasn’t budged. Feel free to pass on some makeup tips, Taecyeon.


Lee Dong Wook

Smoking is not attractive, Lee Dong Wook. Don’t light that cigarette.


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?


    1. I don’t mind the facial hair, but completely agree with you on the upstyle. When Lee Sang Yoon had it up for two seconds in “Twenty Again”, I almost got weepy at how good he looked.


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