October Photofest: Couple Making

When you don’t have a real couple at hand, why not throw two random people together and see if it works out? Here are some faux couples who made for an interesting pair.

Yoo Ah In and Hyuna

Yoo Ah In holds up a sleepy Hyuna, because he wants to make sure we see that their couple shirts are not too matchy-matchy. Duly noted, Yoo Ah In.


Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung

Have we interrupted Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung in the middle of an argument? Don’t mind us, guys. Carry on.


Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Ji Hoon

Oh Yeon Seo has finished sucking the soul out of Kim Ji Hoon, and she’s coming for you next. Don’t look into her eyes! No, but seriously, these two look pretty good.


Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min

Modern romance: One minute you’re noticing how well-coordinated your outfits are, and next thing you know you’re all over each other.


Kim Hyo Jin and Kim Kang Woo

Kim Hyo Jin and Kim Kang Woo are getting ready to release the hounds on unsuspecting intruders.


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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