Tasty Tuesday: Sweet O’Clock

We have had disappointing cold ice dessert in the past in which the ice failed to have any flavour separate from the toppings. This was not the case at Sweet O’Clock.

The ice of the Supreme Mango Crushed Ice was flavoured with condensed milk. In combination with the delicious mango ice cream, and the ripe mango chunks, it was almost too much. It makes me sad to think how this dessert might vary in quality depending on whether mangoes are in season or not.

I am not really a fan of grass jelly anywhere else other than Chatime. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Sweet O’Clock Signature Herbal Jelly. Both the ice and the grass jelly had a herbal flavour that was pleasant. The taro balls and boba were chewy and subtle in flavour. This dish will be the safe bet in the depths of winter.

Sweet O’Clock, 5461 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

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