October Photofest: Topless

If you can get away with not wearing a shirt, then why bother wearing them? Here some K-drama actors who do better topless.

Won Bin

You were hoping for abs, right? You’ll have to settle for being able to pretend that you just found Won Bin lounging around on the sand, waiting for you.

Bae Doo Na

Nothing gets between Bae Doo Na and her Adidas.

Bae Doo Na topless

Lee Sang Yoon

There really aren’t enough photos of Lee Sang Yoon without a shirt on. Why so modest, Lee Sang Yoon? You know you look great.

Lee Sang Yoon topless

Gong Yoo

Don’t bite your nails, Gong Yoo. It’s going to be okay.


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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