October Photofest: Halloween!

If you’re a good-looking Korean actor, then there’s no reason to take terrible photos. And yet, some photos are so terrifying, you should only look at them on Halloween.

So Ji Sub

What happened, So Ji Sub? Is your stylist really your long-lost older brother and he’s taking revenge for your mother abandoning him?


Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk has a whole portfolio of mediocre photos, despite being fantastically cute. Is he under a curse? There’s no other explanation for this terrifying photo.


Sung Joon

I don’t even know where to look. Though, on a side note, Sung Joon’s face is looking kind of like Shota Matsuda here.


Daniel Henney

As long as the teddy bear doesn’t answer back, I guess this is okay (not really).


Jo Jung Seok

“The concept is an android stealing a mannequin. Go!”


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?


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