Friday Feature: Best and Worst Instagram Accounts

Instagram accounts are like a peek into the lives of your favourite K-drama actors. Will that view feed your crush or destroy it?

Ahn Jae Hyun

???????? 성공

A photo posted by @aagbanjh on

// a former model, it would be understandable if Ahn Jae Hyun filled his Instagram account with selfies. Instead, Ahn Jae Hyun appears to be obsessed with his cute cat, his music playlist, and scenery. It’s a refreshing surprise. Sadly, the majority of his photos are hazy and washed out.

Verdict: Kudos to Ahn Jae Hyun having an Instagram account that is obviously a personal one, and for not being the stereotypical narcissistic former model. He just needs a better camera. 


Jang Geun Suk

만찬을 즐겨보았다. #장근석 #jks #harbin #lunch

A photo posted by APJ_JKS (@apj_jks) on


Jang Geun Suk only recently joined Instagram, but he has already turned it into a showcase for his weirdly insular life. He takes photos of himself in a hotel room, then shares a video of him dancing up a storm that should be a parody, but it is not. You won’t find the video I mention, because within the last 10 hours, while I was sleeping, Jang Geun Suk removed it. Maybe his alien senses were tingling.

Verdict: All of Jang Geun Suk’s photos look unflattering, and the content makes him look delusional. This Instagram account will reveal the true, hardcore fans of the Asia Prince.


Gong Yoo

#짐시민요 무엇을요?

A photo posted by Gong Yoo ~ ( 공유) I (@gongyoo_official) on

I must confess that I am biased, because I adore Gong Yoo. Hence, I can’t get enough of his cute selfies set in his seemingly mundane daily life: Gong Yoo in a supermarket, Gong Yoo hugging a baby, Gong Yoo getting ready for a public appearance. Unfortunately, Gong Yoo doesn’t post very frequently. In fact, it’s been almost two years since his last photo.

Verdict: I could stare at Gong Yoo’s Instagram photos all day. I just wish I didn’t have to keep staring at the same photos.


Seo In Guk

Happy Birthday to Me ????????????????????????????

A photo posted by 서 인 국 (@seoinguk) on


We are big fans of Seo In Guk’s pictorials, but I don’t consider Instagram a good showcase for them. Instagram should be about capturing a moment, first hand. In contrast, Seo In Guk’s selfies are blurry and actually manage to make Seo In Guk look unphotogenic.

Verdict: Seo In Guk has demonstrated a winning personality in variety shows and interviews, so this Instagram account is a crime, because it is ugly and reveals little about an appealing subject.


Yoo Ah In


A video posted by 유아인/Ah-in Yoo (@hongsick) on


Yoo Ah In’s Instagram account is like his personal scrapbook. You discover what he’s listening to, who he is hanging out with, and his selfies demonstrate a lot of personality. While Yoo Ah In does repost his magazine pictorials, I find that they share the same aesthetic as the rest of the content, and therefore, complement rather than distract. 

Verdict: I love Yoo Ah In’s Instagram, though he could use less photos of text.


Kim Heechul


Welcome to the wonderful world of Heechul, member of Super Junior, overgrown otaku, and social butterfly. His photos are colourful with a wide array of poses, and it looks like every day with Heechul is a party.

Verdict: Heechul’s Instagram is what celebrity accounts should be: a showcase of his personality, a peek into his fabulous life, and lots of interesting photos that are in focus. Reach for the stars!


Readers: Which Instagram accounts do you follow?


  1. I’m fairly sure that’s not seo in guk’s personal instagram! It’s just a fan account that posts stuff from the @whatsupinguk twitter account and the jellyfish instagram. I think he said on happy together (maybe?) that he doesn’t have any social media accounts any more because they got him in trouble.


  2. Jin Yi Han and No Min Woo both have fun, fairly private lives on their Instagram accounts. No Min Woo looks particularly lonely at times . . .


  3. I like Ahn Jae Hyun’s IG or maybe coz I like his cat which kinda looks like him. JGS, well, he’s got his own little big world but I think the photos are tame, he always aim to please his eels so gotta have those selcas or selfies. Just like SIG’s account, maybe Gong Yoo’s account is also being ran by an admin who has long abandoned him and moved on to EXO and Park Bo Gum.


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