One More Happy Ending episode 4 recap

Side dish: You, too, can cook a meal fit for a king or a prince by following this recipe for Gujeolpan (aka Platter of Nine Delicacies).

Episode Recap

When little Soo Hyuk vomited right before kissing little Mi Mo on stage, the culprit was a jealous little witch who fed him a tainted apple. Poor Soo Hyuk tries to get Mi Mo to forgive him, and waits outside her house with a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, she has already moved on, and Soo Hyuk can do nothing, but watch the girl he likes swept away by another boy.

One More Happy Ending 4.3

It’s deja vu in the present day, with Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) being pulled into an embrace by doctor, Hae Joon (Kwon Yool), and Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) arriving too late. Soo Hyuk looks devastated, and walks away in a daze, full of regret about telling Hae Joon that he had no interest in Mi Mo. Later, alone in a park, Soo Hyuk has a fit, because he can’t stop thinking of Mi Mo hugging Hae Joon and his own kiss with Mi Mo. 

A glowing Mi Mo asks Hae Joon when he started having feelings for her. He claims that it is a secret, though he refers to wings on her back. It turns out that Hae Joon was forcibly brought to an Angels concert by a friend. The sight of Mi Mo dancing and singing in her Angels costume caused him to sit up and tune out.

One More Happy Ending 4.4

Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo run into each other at their apartment elevators. She is chipper, while he is hostile. He riles her up by commenting disdainfully about her makeup and how useless it is for someone of her advanced age. Mi Mo decides to overlook Soo Hyuk’s insults, in gratitude for his good deed (presumably, introducing her to Hae Joon). Soo Hyuk decides to push his luck and demand that they carpool.

In the car, Mi Mo’s cheer returns, and she asks Soo Hyuk why he is pissy. He claims to have realized that while he does not want something, neither does he want anyone else to have it. They bicker, before Mi Mo cheers up again as she dangles the news of her not-so-secret new boyfriend over Soo Hyuk.

One More Happy Ending 4.5

Mi Mo’s car comes to an abrupt stop after Soo Hyuk shouts at her for her quick transition from being dumped to getting married while intoxicated, to falling in love with a third man. Mi Mo must admit that it is crazy, but she is sincere about her feelings for Hae Joon. Soo Hyuk can only gape in disbelief.

Soo Hyuk is still bitching about what an unbelievable drama Mi Mo’s life is, when his colleague arrives looking haggard. He is not sleeping well thanks to his new baby. Soo Hyuk holds himself up as a youthful looking dad, but his colleague begs to differ. Soo Hyuk touches his face self-consciously. Later, at a work meeting, their boss complains about personal lives interfering with productivity.

One More Happy Ending 4.6

Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) is on her phone during class time, desperately waiting for a response to her text. After being called back to work by a student, she suddenly realizes that every male student is paired up with a female student. Dong Mi abruptly forces the boys and girls to segregate. When questioned by one of her students, logic fails, and she just screams for compliance. 

Da Jung (Yoo Da In) is full of deep sighs while checking her overflowing mailbox, and then, after spotting a young couple. When Mi Mo floats into work and announces to Da Jung that she is dating Hae Joon, Da Jung calls her a weirdo. Mi Mo comments that their friend Ae Ran (Seo In Young) is having a hard time, and Da Jung has little sympathy.

Mi Mo meets with an older male client who is obsessed with having a biological son of his own. As he shouts and gesticulates, Mi Mo contemplates the desperation of older men to leave something of themselves behind.

One More Happy Ending 4.7

Dong Mi, Da Jung, and Mi Mo go in for a government-sponsored physical available to women over the age of 30. While filling out forms, they discuss the aging male’s fixation on women of child bearing age, and gripe about the marital status that they must identify themselves with.

During the flurry of tests, the ultrasound technician asks Da Jung if she has ever felt a lump in her chest. Da Jung has not, but she looks distracted while Mi Mo and Dong Mi are spying on Hae Joon. The women get called out for snooping by a teenage patient of Hae Joon’s who claims to be waiting until she can legally marry Hae Joon. When Mi Mo labels the age gap abnormal, the teenager claims that her ample chest will bridge the gap.

Dong Mi admits that she does not think Mi Mo can compete with the shapely teenager, and scoffs at the idea that Mi Mo’s maturity is an asset. However, time is on Mi Mo’s side; she vows to make Hae Joon hers before the teen becomes legal in two years.

One More Happy Ending 4.8

During her appointment with Hae Joon, the teenager mentions the weird ahjummas drooling over him. This is a common enough occurrence for Hae Joon to be nonplussed about. When the teenager assumes that Hae Joon would only be interested in women 25 and under, Hae Joon claims the exact opposite, and the teenager becomes distraught at be slotted in the younger sister category.

Ae Ran presents her positive pregnancy test to Da Jung, and asks for advice. Da Jung matter-of-factly directs her to go to the hospital, and is not sympathetic to Ae Ran’s precarious relationship situation. Da Jung sardonically notes that even while she was unsure about her impendinrg nuptials, Ae Ran was still having unprotected sex. She coldly tells Ae Ran to take responsibility. When Ae Ran takes a shot at Da Jung’s infertility, Da Jung simply states that their friendship is over if Ae Ran gets an abortion. 

As Da Jung walks away, she thinks back to the heartache and frustration of being unable to conceive. After remaining childless three years into their marriage, Da Jung and her husband seek medical advice, and she receives fertility treatments. However, even with medical intervention, a baby fails to appear, and an emotionally exhausted Da Jung proposes divorce, because she cannot fulfill his family’s expectations. A month later, Da Jung finally conceives, but the stark reality is Tae Woong, a son who appears unresponsive to her.

One More Happy Ending 4.10

Dong Mi is still at work after hours, staring at her phone, waiting for a response to her text message. She sends a followup, claiming to hear strange noises coming out of her new oven. The appliance salesman finally responds, apologizing and inviting her to dinner. Dong Mi screams in triumph.

Mi Mo comes home from grocery shopping for Hae Joon’s dinner, and comes across a young boy waiting across from her apartment. It turns out to be Soo Hyuk’s 13 year old son, Min Woo. After Mi Mo helps him to get into his apartment, she attempts to dig into the status of Min Woo’s mother. To Mi Mo’s chagrin, he refuses to divulge any information or call her noona, claiming that she is too old to be called one. At that moment, the reporter from Mass Punch, Ah Ni shows up and Min Woo immediately addresses her as ‘noona’. Ah Ni and Mi Mo are surprised to see each other and exchange pleasantries.

Inside Soo Hyuk’s apartment, Ah Ni reveals to Min Woo that his father rejected her. Min Woo encourages her to be persistent, because his father has not dated in 13 years.

One More Happy Ending 4.11

Soo Hyuk is on stakeout with his colleague, shadowing celebrities like paparazzi. Yet, his head is stuck on the hug between Mi Mo and Hae Joon. Soo Hyuk and his colleague note that while the young celebrity they are following has an expensive sports car, at the same age, Soo Hyuk had a child.

After his colleague posits that it was the power of confession that got him hooked on his wife, Soo Hyuk becomes hopeful that Mi Mo experienced the same phenomenon when Hae Joon confessed his feelings to her. He rings Mi Mo’s door bell, and finds her cooking gujeolpan for Hae Joon. Soo Hyuk attempts to sabotage the relationship by claiming that Hae Joon is a womanizer. However, Mi Mo is just happy to love Hae Joon without reservation so that she has no regrets when it is over. When she asks him to sample the dish for Hae Joon’s sake, Soo Hyuk throws a tantrum.

One More Happy Ending 4.12

Soo Hyuk returns home in a huff, and is surprised to find Ah Ni there, since she was on sick leave from work. She is disappointed that he did not bother to visit her, then admits that she faked her illness. When Ah Ni asks if she has any chance with him, Soo Hyuk indicates that he would be settling if they dated, and liable to dump her for a woman he feels more strongly about. Ah Ni wonders if Soo Hyuk is gay, because he has not dated in 13 years. After spitting out his coffee in shock, Soo Hyuk somberly explains that he has not met a woman who can assuage his guilt.

Dong Mi and Mi Mo open their medical examination results together while Da Jung watches. Apparently, Mi Mo has the uterus of a 29 year old whereas Dong Mi has the uterus of a 35 year old. Dong Mi gnaws at the paper in frustration while Mi Mo taunts her with health tips. Da Jung has already reviewed her results, and chooses not to share them. 

Da Jung runs into Ae Ran at the hospital, and they both look contrite. Ae Ran confirms that she is not pregnant. She has decided to go ahead with the marriage after the pregnancy scare, because she realizes that there are more important things than experiencing passion. Da Jung apologizes for being incapable of supporting her.

One More Happy Ending 4.15

Da Jung proceeds with her appointment at the hospital and learns that she may have breast cancer, and may require a masectomy. Da Jung is in a state of shock as she walks on the street.

We flash back into the past when Hae Joon was reading a letter from Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk announces that he will be returning to Korea with his baby boy after the death of his wife. Hae Joon’s friend sits down beside him and eagerly breaks open a package of Angels bun, hoping that it comes with a Seul Ah card. He is exasperated to find Mi Mo’s photo instead and throws it on the ground. After he leaves, Hae Joon surreptitiously pockets Mi Mo’s photo.

One More Happy Ending 4.13

Mi Mo brings the gujeolpan to Hae Joon at work. Hae Joon is flabbergasted that she put in such an effort, and she asks for another hug as compensation. While Hae Joon begins to eat, Mi Mo excitedly reveals that she is fertile if he wants children in the future. Hae Joon nearly spits his food out since they only just started dating. Mi Mo is perplexed that women’s fertility is not at the forefront of his mind given his age. Hae Joon points out that nothing is guaranteed in life, and not to be so focused on one thing so as to lose sight of everything else that is good. Mi Mo can’t believe how perfect Hae Joon is.

Dong Mi sits at a restaurant, waiting for the appliance salesman who reassures her via text that he will arrive soon. After waiting two and a half hours, Dong Mi decides to call, and it goes straight to voicemail. Dong Mi is livid at being stood up.

One More Happy Ending 4.14

Da Jung arrives at Ae Ran’s apartment to find Mi Mo and Ae Ran in onesies. While Da Jung is regarding the proffered onesie with reluctance, Dong Mi arrives wearing streaks of makeup. Dong Mi rages about the appliance salesman leading her on then standing her up before wailing about being the least popular member of Angels. She vows to live recklessly from now on.

Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon are at a bar. Soo Hyuk appears frustrated and tired, but Hae Joon thinks he looks lonely. Soo Hyuk claims to find it hard to take the first step to dating, and Hae Joon points out that it is a leap of faith for everyone else, too.

Mi Mo comes home to find Soo Hyuk passed out in front of his door, reeking of alcohol. He calls her naughty and fickle for kissing him then hugging Hae Joon, and Mi Mo calmly disagrees. She attempts to get him up to his feet and ends up landing in his lap. Mi Mo pauses for a moment before attempting to get up, and Soo Hyuk grabs a hold of her arms then her face. He says that no other woman in 13 years has made him as mad as Mi Mo has. After calling her coy, he dips in for a drunken kiss.

One More Happy Ending 4.2


Why, oh why, are the men the voice of reason in this show? As a woman, am I supposed to identify with the craziness of the female characters, or find them hilarious?

As petty and childish as Soo Hyuk can be, he is right about how ludicrously fickle Mi Mo is. It hardly seems plausible or, at least, healthy to end a long term relationship in spectacular fashion, drunkenly marry a near-stranger, then start dating his friend within a few days.

Meanwhile, Dong Mi is the terrible stereotype of the frumpy spinster schoolteacher who can’t even concentrate on her job, because she is obsessed with snagging a man.

Even though their fixation on the opposite sex drives their insane actions, Mi Mo and Dong Mi have very low opinions of men. Mi Mo thinks men focus on women’s potential for reproduction. Dong Mi does not believe that Mi Mo stands a chance against an obnoxious teenager in winning Hae Joon, simply because the teenager has a better body.

Da Jung’s fertility crisis and latest cancer scare are more realistic. However, her perpetually dour expression can be hard to take in the aftermath of Hae Joon reminding Mi Mo not to be so single minded as to lose sight of everything that is good in one’s life. After all, this is a woman who married a chaebol who loved her enough to forgo having children in order to be with her.

I never thought I would say this, but I hope they will feature less girl time in the coming episodes. It would appear that the women in “One More Happy Ending” need men to serve as the voice of reason.

One More Happy Ending 4.9

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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  1. I can gloss over Mi Mo’s “fickleness” since they didn’t put any more stock into her long relationship other than the fact that she expected a proposal from it. She was frustrated at the wasted effort and moved on.Then she got drunk and went for the guy who “proposed”. Now sober, she likes the guy with the right specs. She wants the ideal lifestyle more than a particular person. Healthy? no, but at least plausible.

    They lost me at the “You should be insecure over a teenager because your bf, a grown ass man with a PHD has no more sense than to pick a mate solely with his dick.” And even if that were true, as a friend, shouldn’t you be saying something in the key of “His loss and pedo tendencies” rather than “Your shortcoming?” I kinda wish for less girl time too. Too many pseudo-female friendships in kdramas.


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