Neighborhood Hero episodes 3 – 4 screencaps of Lee Soo Hyuk

I have no idea what’s going on episodes 3 and 4, since the only thing that interests me about this show is how cute Lee Soo Hyuk is. Here are some screencaps for those of you who are similarly minded, but can’t be bothered to skip through it like I did.

NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_1 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_2 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_3 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_4 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_5 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_6 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_7 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_8 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_9 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_10 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_11 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_12 NH_34_Lee_Soo_Hyuk_13

Neighborhood Hero (동네의 영웅) screencaps of Lee Soo Hyuk

Neighborhood Hero 1.9

 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16


  1. I’ve never paid attention to him before. Or to me he was just another flower boy in the mix of so many flower boys. But this show is changing that. He seems to have a knack for comedy. He is handling the character very well.


    1. I agree. I remember him in King of High School and he played arrogant and detached so well there that I’m a bit shocked by how naturally he plays the lovable bungler here.


  2. Is he the one that play as an evil vampire at a scholar that walks in the night? Isnt it? He looks sooo cute here. I love it keke


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