One More Happy Ending episode 5 recap

Side dish: In this episode, Soo Hyuk orders a spaghetti vongole at Jung Hoon’s restaurant. Since we’re on the subject of pasta, one of my favourites is Spaghetti alla Carbonara, because it’s easy to make and it’s like breakfast on noodles. Here’s a good recipe from The Kitchn, in case you want to try.

Episode Recap

I’m not sure what we’re flashing back to (I’m sure there’s a reference here I’m missing), but it’s the countryside, and Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) is a peasant who is stupid at love. When Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) throws a stone at him, he’s slow to respond, and by the time he does, Mi Mo is already flirting with Hae Joon (Kwon Yool). Angry at her fickleness, Soo Hyuk crushes his presents for her under his feet and swears revenge.


Back in the present, a drunken Soo Hyuk is sitting in the hallway of his apartment building with Mi Mo sitting on top of him. He attempts to kiss her, but passes out first, much to Mi Mo’s consternation. To make matters worse, Soo Hyuk’s son, Min Woo walks in. Unable to explain the situation, Mi Mo flounders until the practical Min Woo asks her to help carry the unresponsive Soo Hyuk to bed.

In the apartment, Min Woo offers her a drink like a polite host (orange juice). When Mi Mo starts to pity his motherless state, he pointedly tells her not to, and instead says that the only thing missing in his life is a woman for Soo Hyuk, not a mother.


Back in Mi Mo’s apartment, her friend, Da Jung (Yoo Da In) listens to her other friend, Ae Ran (Seo In Young) lament the end of her dating life, while she herself laments her miserable marriage. Their third friend, Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) has passed out, and misses a message from the appliance salesman, who apologizes for standing her up.

Meanwhile, Mi Mo has gone out to buy Min Woo some takeout for dinner, and some hangover remedy for Soo Hyuk. Min Woo thanks her and she goes home, pleased with her good deed. The next morning, when Min Woo offers Soo Hyuk the hangover soup she brought, the awkward memories of the night before come crashing back. Of course, Soo Hyuk runs into Mi Mo on his way out, and assuming that he was lonely last night, Mi Mo offers her marriage match-up services to him.


At work, Soo Hyuk’s troubles carry on as his co-workers find his marriage registration form to Mi Mo, and then his boss recalls that another woman had been present when Soo Hyuk was staking out Goo Seul Ah (Sandara Park). In an effort to protect Mi Mo, Soo Hyuk concocts an unconvincing story, while his colleague, Ah Ni (Lee Chae Eun) looks on.

It’s time for Ae Ran’s wedding! Unsurprisingly, they’re holding it at the resort where Mi Mo’s ex-boyfriend, Jung Hoon (Lee Dong Ha) is a chef, but there are bigger problems on the horizon as all of the ex-girlfriends of the groom, Dong Bae (Park Eun Seok) show up, wearing black. Having spent the ceremony texting the appliance salesman, Dong Mi now refuses to catch the bouquet, since this event seems to portend bad luck.


Soo Hyuk arrives at the same resort, and starts asking around the restaurant staff if other reporters have shown up looking for scoops. The waitress points out a reporter who’s been staking the place out for a week.

Meanwhile, Ae Ran confronts Dong Bae in private, and is shocked to find that Dong Bae intends for the two of them to use each other as shields while they both carry on playing around. Outside the room where they’re fighting, Mi Mo frets, while Da Jung insists that it’s between a married couple and walks away. Dong Mi laments their wasted honeymoon and follows suit. But, instead of leaving the resort, Mi Mo decides to meet with her spy in her Jung Hoon’s kitchen, Choon Gi. Predictably, Mi Mo runs into Jung Hoon instead, who drags her away from the restaurant, then physically intimidates her.


Soo Hyuk arrives to catch the end of this confrontation, and just as Mi Mo loses her temper, the reporter from the restaurant shows up too. Soo Hyuk grabs Mi Mo before she can attack Jung Hoon, and over her shoulder points out the reporter to Jung Hoon, who runs for it. Mi Mo is furious as they leave the hotel, but Soo Hyuk can’t resist teasing her, since they’ve already done everything together and she was the first to see his private parts. His shenanigans are interrupted by a busload of amused tourists.

Dong Mi, meanwhile, meets up again with the appliance salesman (Kim Min Joon), who apologizes for standing her up then comes on strong, to her joy.


Back in the city, Mi Mo meets up with Hae Joon, who tells her not to worry about Ae Ran, and Mi Mo herself points out that Ae Ran is strong. She decides to concentrate on flirting with Hae Joon instead.

Ae Ran is apparently strong enough to run to Dong Mi’s house for comfort, but Dong Mi would rather exchange sappy texts with her appliance salesman than deal with Ae Ran’s problems. Ae Ran throws a temper tantrum over her terrible husband and vows to burn everything.

Da Jung, meanwhile, discovers that her first grader son is doing sex ed in school, and wonders why she doesn’t sleep with his father. Da Jung has no response and calls Mi Mo instead.

Ah Ni goes to Hae Joon for comfort over Soo Hyuk’s rejection, and we flash back to their university years, when Soo Hyuk was taking a young Min Woo around with him to classes and caught Ah Ni’s eye. Ah Ni decided to join the dance club that both Hae Joon and Soo Hyuk were part of, even though she couldn’t dance.


That night, Ae Ran calls up Dong Bae and tells him that she intends to go on their honeymoon by herself. Dressed to the nines at the airport the next day, Ae Ran runs into Mi Mo’s ex-husband, Seung Jae (Kim Sa Kwon) with his fiancée, Shi Ah. When Ae Ran tries to make bitchy comments about Shi Ah’s extreme youth, Shi Ah shuts her down and the pair walk off happily.

Back in the city, Soo Hyuk runs into an underdressed Mi Mo coming out of their building. When he asks if she won’t be cold, Mi Mo points out that this will give Hae Joon an excuse to warm her up with a hug. Soo Hyuk is nonplussed as a pleased Mi Mo walks away.


What follows is a montage of dates where Hae Joon and Mi Mo watch movies and eat dinner, and Mi Mo’s frustration mounts as Hae Joon doesn’t make a move. Meanwhile, Dong Mi and her appliance salesman get increasingly hot and heavy. Finally, Mi Mo hits on the solution of inviting Hae Joon over to watch old movies. As Hae Joon laughs to himself over Mi Mo’s frustration, his colleague, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) points out that women get tired of those kinds of games (oh good, another voice of reason).

That night, Mi Mo sets the stage for seduction, but when the doorbell rings it turns out to be Soo Hyuk, who wants to talk to her about their impending elementary school reunion. When Mi Mo refuses to let him in, Soo Hyuk figures out that she has a date with Hae Joon. When Hae Joon arrives, Soo Hyuk resorts to first offering fried chicken, then to emotional blackmail to keep him out of Mi Mo’s apartment, but Hae Joon is not to be deterred.


Instead, Hae Joon and Mi Mo settle in to watch Ghost, but every time the mood seems right for a kiss, they’re interrupted, first by texts from Soo Hyuk, then the dog. Finally, Soo Hyuk just shows up at the door with fried chicken and invites himself in to watch a cartoon.

Dong Mi is unsympathetic when she and Mi Mo meet for lunch, since her own relationship is going so well. Instead, she points out that maybe Hae Joon got divorced for this very reason, that he’s only for looking and not touching. In Mi Mo’s fevered imagination, she pictures a future where she can admire Hae Joon’s handsomeness, but he’s like a wax figure.


Hae Joon turns out not to be available when Mi Mo goes to meet him at the hospital, but she runs into her bratty teenaged rival instead, who spills the beans that Yeon Soo is Hae Joon’s ex-wife. Yeon Soo, meanwhile, is busy explaining to Da Jung that she has breast cancer and needs a mastectomy. Da Jung doesn’t believe that she’ll still be a woman without her breasts, and thinks back to the days when her son was a baby, and she avoided Gun Hak because she felt unattractive. In the present, a devastated Da Jung cries in the bathroom by herself.

Back at the news office, while looking for something on Soo Hyuk’s computer, Ah Ni comes across pictures of Mi Mo in the middle of her confrontation with Jung Hoon and Seul Ah. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, at home, Mi Mo tries to figure out if the problem is her, or Hae Joon himself. Mi Mo decides that the easiest way would be to ask Yeon Soo how they broke up, and Yeon Soo surprisingly answers her: she left Hae Joon because his feelings were always one step behind hers. That night, Mi Mo gets advice from Dong Mi, to test Hae Joon’s feelings by seducing him with magic tricks (WTF).

Mi Mo decides to try this out later at a bar, but Hae Joon cancels on her. Luckily, Soo Hyuk was staking someone out in the same bar, and when he hears her voice, joins her in the booth. When Mi Mo complains about not getting to do her seduction routine, Soo Hyuk convinces her to practice on him, with disastrous results: Mi Mo sets herself on fire.


Meanwhile, it turns out Hae Joon was available after all, and he repeatedly rings the doorbell at Mi Mo’s apartment, before giving up and leaving. Unfortunately for him, he runs into Soo Hyuk and a sodden Mi Mo in the parking lot. Both Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon look unhappy, while Mi Mo lights up, and the episode ends.


I have no idea who I’m supposed to like in this drama anymore. Soo Hyuk, maybe? Min Woo? I could complain about almost every character, but let’s start with Mi Mo. Asking Yeon Soo about the reason for her breakup with Hae Joon is pretty far outside of the bounds of normal behaviour, but in case you don’t think that’s weird, imagine Hae Joon asking Seung Jae the same thing. Creepy, right? Hae Joon wasn’t much better either, since he spent much of this episode entertaining himself by purposely keeping Mi Mo frustrated by his lack of passion, a player move if ever there was one.

But leaving these two aside, the show’s portrayal of female friendships is unappealing to say the least. These four women spend most of their time complaining to each other about their relationships (or relationship statuses), with Dong Mi interjecting frequently offensive advice in between. Do female friends exist solely to prop you up in your relationships with men? Because that’s what I’m getting from this show so far.

I’ve said this in a previous recap, but I’ll say it again: the comedic chemistry between Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho is pretty fantastic. Can we have more of that and less female “bonding” in the next episodes? Please?


One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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  1. Dear Noonas, how are you?.
    I was laughing like a hyena with Soo Hyuk’s discharge to Mi Mo outside the hotel… the way he delivered his lines were done with such a cadence, so much gusto… he was teasing her and trolling her so beautifully… Kudos to the actor.


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