One More Happy Ending episode 6 recap

Side dish: In the West, coal is what you get from Santa if you’ve been naughty, but in Korea, coal remains the energy source for heating in many older homes. So, those households will definitely appreciate Lumps of Coal cookies in spite of the fact that they look like something else equally unappetizing.

Episode Recap

In a Joseon fairy tale, Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) appears to be an impatient sleeping beauty. She resorts to yoga to limber herself up, before spotting  Hae Joon (Kwon Yool). She jumps back into her glass coffin to wait for her prince to wake her with a kiss. The skinship is near perfect, but it turns out that Hae Joon is frugal in an unsexy way. Mi Mo is about to settle for Hae Joon when Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) comes riding up, claiming her as his own. Hae Joon calls Mi Mo a two-timing woman while Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk look outraged. 

One More Happy Ending 6.2

In the present, Mi Mo is sneezing and shivering in the car with Soo Hyuk. She thinks back to Hae Joon’s ex-wife, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) revealing that he was emotionally stunted during their marriage. 

Meanwhile, Hae Joon is driving alone and listening to the radio in which the host claims that being friends with the opposite sex is liable to ignite into something more. This prompts Hae Joon to think back to Soo Hyuk crashing his evening with Mi Mo.

Out of the car, Soo Hyuk forces Mi Mo to wear his coat. Hae Joon comes around the corner to see Soo Hyuk rubbing Mi Mo’s shoulders. Soo Hyuk’s hands drop when he and Mi Mo spot Hae Joon. Soo Hyuk says he met Mi Mo by coincidence, but Hae Joon isn’t buying it. Hae Joon pointedly returns Soo Hyuk’s coat to him then drapes his own coat over Mi Mo’s shoulders before leading her away.

One More Happy Ending 6.3

Hae Joon asks suspiciously about a bag on Mi Mo’s coffee table, and when he keeps insisting, she wonders why he isn’t curious about her bedraggled appearance. A chastened Hae Joon asks, but a disappointed Mi Mo politely kicks him out. He tightly bids her goodbye, then while waiting for the elevator, regards Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s doors across from each other.

Having taken a shower, Soo Hyuk can’t help but think of Hae Joon claiming Mi Mo with his coat. Then, inexplicably, Soo Hyuk starts seeing little fairy versions of various incarnations of Mi Mo, from Angels member to messy lush. After one fairy claims he has fallen for her, Soo Hyuk gulps some water to cool down, then thinks of Mi Mo sneezing in his car.

One More Happy Ending 6.4

Mi Mo is still coughing after showering, and staring at her phone when Soo Hyuk rings her doorbell. He drops off a variety of cold medication. The next day, she tightly thanks him in the elevator for the drugs and for taking her home.

At work, Mi Mo is still checking her phone and fighting the urge to contact Hae Joon. She jumps to attention when her phone rings, but it turns out to be the headmistress of her elementary school. The headmistress is following up with Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk about having them participate in the digging up of a 24 year old time capsule. After learning that they would be presenting together, they both readily accept the invite.

Meanwhile, Hae Joon has his hands full with his teenage patient gleefully revealing that she is the hospital director’s granddaughter. When that fails to move him, she pisses on the competition, Mi Mo. Hae Joon sends the teenager off with to task of learning some rationale. Yeon Soo enters Hae Joon’s office as the teenager exits. That is when Hae Joon learns that Mi Mo came to speak with his ex-wife.

One More Happy Ending 6.5

At a work meeting, Soo Hyuk dismisses the possibility of any story related to Mi Mo’s public confrontation with her ex-boyfriend and her former bandmate, but his colleague, Ah Ni (Lee Chae Eun) disputes this. She pointedly looks Soo Hyuk in the eye as she promises to get more evidence to back her claim. Outside of the meeting, Soo Hyuk attempts to convince Ah Ni that there is no lead since the resort employees refuse to talk, but Ah Ni claims to have found a witness. Later, Soo Hyuk looks worriedly over digital archives of tabloid material involving Mi Mo.

In her office, Mi Mo meets with a new client, a single father who asks if she is acquainted with any other single fathers. She refers to Soo Hyuk, but dismisses him as immature. The client challenges this assumption, knowing firsthand all the hardships that Soo Hyuk must have gone through caring for a child by himself. Mi Mo soberly reconsiders her impression of Soo Hyuk.

One More Happy Ending 6.6

Schoolteacher, Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) runs out to the playground to the appliance salesman (Kim Min Joon) waiting with some warm drinks and a gift: a cheap LV labeled pink scarf.  In voice over, Mi Mo indicates that Dong Mi’s considerable retirement fund has made her more desirable to the appliance salesman. 

After putting her son to bed, Da Jung (Yoo Da In) hesitantly enters her husband’s office and asks for a hug. Da Jung’s husband is dumbfounded then hostile, because she has rejected him for seven years. She apologizes and leaves to cry in her bedroom.

Mi Mo finds little comfort speaking with Dong Mi about her relationship problems, but after hanging up, she discovers that she missed numerous calls from Hae Joon. She manages to catch the latest call from Hae Joon.

Hae Joon is waiting outside for Mi Mo, and remembers being angry at his ex-wife for getting in between him and Mi Mo. Mi Mo rushes out to meet Hae Joon, but feigns indifference, then instantly becomes concerned when she thinks Hae Joon has been waiting in the cold for three hours. After she speaks honestly about her dissatisfaction with their dating situation, Hae Joon gifts her with cute earmuffs to block her from hearing unnecessary information. He then reveals his Mi Mo card collection that he has kept for 13 years. Hae Joon is about to kiss Mi Mo on the lips when she switches last minute to pecks on the cheeks, because of her fish breath. Afterwards, she cringes at wasting such an opportunity for skinship.

One More Happy Ending 6.7

Dong Mi is happily looking at new appliances now that she has a candidate for marriage. She ends up scrutinizing an expensive men’s watch then balking at the price, which she equates to a dowry. Dong Mi is about to request a more reasonably priced option, when another woman swoops in to purchase the expensive watch. Dong Mi ends up spending the equivalent of six months of savings in one go, and skips away happily after having done so.

Ah Ni is attempting to speak with Mi Mo’s ex-boyfriend, chef Kim Jung Hoon, when Soo Hyuk yanks her away. Soo Hyuk tells her to keep this scandal under wraps for a reason that he refuses to disclose. Ah Ni wonders why Soo Hyuk is protecting someone when he has never thought twice about exposing celebrity scandals in the past.

One More Happy Ending 6.8

Now that she is reconciled with Hae Joon, Mi Mo is flippant about a client lying about his finances, believing that the power of love will see the couple through. Yet, over dinner with Hae Joon, she spots a text on his phone from the bank about the interest on his loan. Hae Joon freely admits that he has debt since he could not have gone to medical school without the bank’s help. When he asks if she will leave him now, knowing his financial situation, Mi Mo strains to remain cheerful while reassuring him.

In actuality, Mi Mo struggles with how cheap Hae Joon might prove to be, and is bothered when Hae Joon mischievously texts her encouragement to make lots of money. Hae Joon is snickering about his text while Yeon Soo is in his office. She notes that he never smiled like that when they were married. Hae Joon corrects her, saying that he did smile like that, but she just never noticed. 

The appliance salesman is thrilled with his expensive new watch from Dong Mi. When his phone rings, he only answers it after Dong Mi insists. He appears to quarrel with the person on the other end, but fluffs it off when a concerned Dong Mi asks.

One More Happy Ending 6.9

Soo Hyuk’s son, Min Woo arrives at Mi Mo’s office, using his savings to enlist her help in getting Soo Hyuk a sexy, not motherly, spouse. Mi Mo agrees to take up the challenge, impressed with Min Woo’s maturity.

Min Woo will be participating in school organized volunteering and confirms with Soo Hyuk that he will be available. Unfortunately, en route, Soo Hyuk gets called back to work by his colleague. Min Woo receives the disappointing news from Soo Hyuk while reviewing potential dates for his father with Mi Mo. Mi Mo offers to go volunteering with Min Woo in Soo Hyuk’s stead.

One More Happy Ending 6.10

All the fathers of Min Woo’s classmates are dazzled by Mi Mo, who they recognize from her Angels days. Min Woo’s attractive homeroom teacher (Lee Yeon Doo in a cameo) tries to get rid of Mi Mo, and when that fails, she overloads Mi Mo’s back with the coal that they are distributing to senior citizens. Regardless, Mi Mo survives the ordeal and even manages to take a cute selfie, which Min Woo mocks. Soo Hyuk finds out belatedly that the lead his colleague was following is a bust, and rushes to join Min Woo. He finds Mi Mo joking around with Min Woo and he is touched by the sight.

Hae Joon meets with Ah Ni who asks him if he knows that Soo Hyuk likes Mi Mo. Hae Joon casually refers to their childhood friendship, but when Ah Ni refuses to accept this explanation, he shuts down speculation by revealing that he is dating Mi Mo. Ah Ni regrets that she has made things awkward with Hae Joon, and acknowledges that she is resorting to pettiness.

One More Happy Ending 6.12

The distribution of coal continues. Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk have a moment after he catches her mid-stumble. Mi Mo overhears a group of fathers gossiping about Soo Hyuk being a ladies’ man in college, impregnating a girl who ran off, leaving him with a baby. An annoyed Mi Mo goes over and shames them for being a lazy bunch. Later, she gets her revenge on the father who spread the gossip by overloading his back with coal then calling him old.

At the end of the day, Soo Hyuk notices that Mi Mo is limping. After forcibly checking her ankle, he scolds her for working with a swollen ankle. Mi Mo is surprised by Soo Hyuk’s intensity.

While considering Soo Hyuk’s past as a ladies’ man then as a single dad, Mi Mo receives a text from Hae Joon asking when her volunteer activity is done. Mi Mo reassures him that she will contact him when she arrives home. Hae Joon waits in his car, thinking about the question Ah Ni posed to him: will he give up Mi Mo for Soo Hyuk? At that moment, Soo Hyuk’s car pulls up, and Hae Joon watches as Mi Mo is carried into the apartment by Soo Hyuk. Hae Joon’s hands clench into white knuckled fists, then release.

One More Happy Ending 6.14

Soo Hyuk carries Mi Mo all the way to his apartment, very gingerly takes off her shoes then orders her to stay on the sofa. Min Woo runs off to buy medication, and Soo Hyuk brings a tub of water to ease the swelling. As Soo Hyuk tends to her ankle, Mi Mo repeatedly protests, but each time, relents under Soo Hyuk’s silent stares.

Hae Joon calls, and Mi Mo cannot get to her phone, since Soo Hyuk refuses to let her move. Hae Joon is livid, and begins to march over, but stops himself at the elevators.

Soo Hyuk thanks Mi Mo for accompanying Min Woo to the volunteer event. Mi Mo breaks the awkward moment by noting the invitation to the time capsule unveiling. They find out that they are both going. She thinks that they will just be reviewing faded memories, but Soo Hyuk solemnly questions whether the memories will be faded.

One More Happy Ending 6.13

Mi Mo marvels that the boy she knew has grown up to become the father of a 13 year old boy. She strokes Soo Hyuk’s head as she acknowledges what a good job he has done with Min Woo. An emotional Soo Hyuk removes her hand, warning her not to touch him, because it makes him want to hold on to her. They stare at each other, until Min Woo’s return interrupts this intense moment. An embarrassed Mi Mo takes this opportunity to rush out.

The next day, Soo Hyuk learns that Mi Mo’s identity as the woman causing a scene with her ex-boyfriend and former Angels bandmate, Seul Ah, has been discovered. Soo Hyuk angrily confronts Ah Ni, ordering her not to submit her article, and Ah Ni desperately demands to know why he cares whether Mi Mo gets hurt. When Ah Ni asks if he likes his best friend’s girlfriend, Soo Hyuk responds by daring her to release the article. Ah Ni screams in frustration as Soo Hyuk stalks off.

Soo Hyuk drives to Hae Joon’s hospital, and when they come face to face, he apologizes right away. Hae Joon stiffly tells him not to do things he will be sorry about. Soo Hyuk then reiterates his apology, confirming that he is prepared to do things that he will regret.

One More Happy Ending 6.14


This was already a considerably more enjoyable episode, because they kept girl time to a minimum, and focused on the love triangle of Mi Mo, Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon. Well, there were a few peeks into Dong Mi’s trainwreck dating situation, but we can just ignore those scenes. I will only say that Dong Mi is a complete caricature of the desperate spinster who inspires no sympathy. If she gets her heart broken by the appliance salesman, I can’t say I will care much.

I am enjoying the intensity of the love triangle, though I feel like viewers did not get enough comedy in the lead up to this inevitable descent into angst. However, the chemistry between Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho has been strong, whether it’s a comedic scene or a serious one. I am definitely more entertained by Hae Joon’s simmering jealousy than Ah Ni’s pathetic attempt to sabotage Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s burgeoning relationship. Ah Ni has a point about Soo Hyuk giving Mi Mo special consideration, but her desperate jealousy-driven actions make it hard to side with her. Admittedly, Hae Joon’s barely contained rage is creepy, so I have to give Kwon Yool credit for making the character appealing.

The flashbacks were out of control, as seems to be standard for this K-drama. However, I can easily tolerate them if this show does not dip into a straight up melodrama. More comedy, please!

One More Happy Ending 6.11

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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  1. Loved this recap. This is one comedy romantic drama that I will enjoy for a long time. Although JN and JkHo’s have undeniable chemistry can’t help wishing JN and SIG have the same type of drama as well.


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