Oh Hae Young Again episode 6 recap

Side dish: Don’t bring prepackaged square cakes to someone’s birthday like Do Kyung does. Commit and show you care by baking a cake. Try this recipe for the ‘i want chocolate cake’ cake.

Episode Recap

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Oh Hae Young Again 6.6

Pretty Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) is taken to the hospital after a fit of hyperventilation brought about by the thought of Do Kyung (Eric Mun). She panics over not being able to tell him the true reason she left him at the altar.

Plain Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) just misses running into her mother, Duk Yi (Kim Ki Kyung) who goes into a cleaning frenzy at her daughter’s apartment. Duk Yi is upset after Hae Young’s father, Kyung Soo (Lee Han Wi) argued in favour of marrying Hae Young off since Duk Yi is the only thing that matters in his life, and he does not want Hae Young to have no one in her old age.

Do Kyung comes home and hears singing coming from Hae Young’s apartment. He enters, finds Hae Young relaxing in bed with a face mask on, and tells her to keep it down. Except, it is not Hae Young in bed, but Duk Yi. That is how Duk Yi finds out that Hae Young is living in a house with two men and a woman. Surprisingly, she approves of this living arrangement.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.7

Do Kyung’s friend, Jin Sang (Kim Ji Seok) finds out that the two Hae Youngs met, and he immediately proposes that Do Kyung move out of country. He is curious to know the reason Do Kyung’s ex-fiancée abruptly abandoned him, but Do Kyung has no interest in finding out. Jin Sang then worries about plain Hae Young finding out from pretty Hae Young about how Do Kyung destroyed her wedding day.

Do Kyung’s sister, Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) stumbles home drunk, as usual. Do Kyung warns Jin Sang not to speak with her, but he ends up being cornered into talking about aliens. However, the truth is that Soo Kyung is drinking, because of heartache. The desire to have aliens annihilate the earth comes from a desire to make the pain end.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.1

Duk Yi and Kyung Soo arrange to run-in to Do Kyung to get a better look at him. The old couple announce that they have come to celebrate Hae Young’s 32nd birthday with her, since she is not dating anyone. There is an awkward moment when Kyung Soo stares too long at Do Kyung. Inside, Kyung Soo continues to stare at the door separating Hae Young and Do Kyung’s apartments.

Hae Young’s friend, Hee Ran (Ha Shi Eun) is unable to celebrate her birthday with her due to work, but she offers to inform Do Kyung. Hae Young objects, since she is thinking of ending her relationship with Do Kyung; she claims to have no interest in any man who has dated the other Hae Young.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.9

Knowing that it is her birthday, Do Kyung struggles to find the courage to contact Hae Young. Hae Young is left to eat leftovers for dinner by herself. However, Do Kyung shows up in the middle of the meal with drinks and snacks. He leaves her to tidy up her apartment before reappearing through their shared doorway.

Hae Young teases Do Kyung about buying her Oh Yes! prepackaged cakes, knowing that he didn’t want to commit with a real cake. Do Kyung did bring a gift: a wind up music box to replace the laughing toy that creeps everyone out. He shifts uneasily as an amused Hae Young stares at him, knowing he fears that she’ll place too much meaning in his kind gestures.

The moment is interrupted by a phone call, and Hae Young tells the person on the other end that she is alone. Do Kyung takes a call from his brother, and after tossing him his car keys, returns to hear his tape recorder playing Hae Young’s confessions from the night before. Do Kyung looks up and sees a mortified Hae Young standing there.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.2

Hae Young accuses Do Kyung of purposely recording her, and Do Kyung points out that it is a common habit of sound engineers to leave their recorders running. Hae Young is quick to blame her ramblings on alcohol, and claims that she throws herself at numerous men. Do Kyung reprimands her for drinking. Their race to distance themselves from each other is cut short by the arrival of pretty Hae Young at the front door. Plain Hae Young disappears behind her barrier before Do Kyung can say anything.

Do Kyung gets right to the point of asking his ex-fiancée if her excuse for abandoning him was a life threatening disease – the only forgivable reason. Unfortunately, that is not the reason, and Hae Young cannot stop smiling, thus infuriating Do Kyung even more. Pretty Hae Young gives up on trying to explain and latches on to him dating a woman with the same name as her. 

When pretty Hae Young accuses Do Kyung of using plain Hae Young to get to her, the window breaks. Just as Do Kyung had foreseen, the culprit is plain, teary Hae Young. Plain Hae Young rides off on her bike, and pretty Hae Young leaves in her car.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.4

Plain Hae Young ends up at Hee Ran’s place unannounced. After kicking out her male guest, Hee Ran takes Hae Young to task for retreating from her rival when she has the advantage of proximity to Do Kyung. Hae Young blurts out that Do Kyung overheard her rambling confession of liking him. Hee Ran observes that Hae Young is acting out of character as a result of her feelings for Do Kyung. Hae Young agrees, since she has been able to confess her darkest secrets to Do Kyung alone.

Hae Young sleeps over at Hee Ran’s, but receives a text  from Do Kyung asking her to come home. She tries to ignore it, but ends up biking home with a huge smile on her face. She arrives home to find Do Kyung waiting outside for her, and the smile disappears from her face, as she shamefully realizes that she rushed home too quickly. Inside, from opposite sides of the barricaded doorway, they make up and come to a mutual agreement on terms.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.10

Do Kyung’s mother is attempting to ingratiate herself with her rich boyfriend, Chairman Jang’s daughter, but the woman only sees her as a gold digger. Do Kyung’s mother must swallow the insult then comes face-to-face with another hostile woman, her son’s ex-fiancée, Hae Young. It turns out that Hae Young’s mother was Chairman Jang’s fourth wife, and Hae Young is unusually vicious about how low Do Kyung’s mother has stooped in attempting to marry Chairman Jang. 

In flashback, it is revealed how Do Kyung’s mother bullied her son’s fiancée about her scandalous parents and their multiple marriages. She then blackmailed Hae Young with a recording the day before her wedding day. 

In the present, pretty Hae Young runs into plain Hae Young, and she invites her to get drunk together. Plain Hae Young turns her down, and pretty Hae Young is resigned to drinking alone. At home, pretty Hae Young begins to listen to the recording that Do Kyung’s mother gave her.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.11

Meanwhile, Do Kyung’s mother comes looking for her son at his home, but finds Soo Kyung lurking in the bushes instead. To save herself from Soo Kyung’s wrath, Mother reveals that Do Kyung’s ex-fiancée may ruin her chances of marrying Chairman Jang, thus cutting off a possible sources of funding for her movies. That is when Soo Kyung realizes that it was Mother who ruined Do Kyung’s wedding in order to keep Do Kyung as a source of income. However, what Mother used to send Hae Young packing the day before the wedding remains a mystery. 

Do Kyung comes across recordings from his apartment, and rather than delete them as Hae Young asked, he decides to listen to them. He and viewers find out that Hae Young talks to herself a lot, and to Do Kyung’s door, too.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.5

When it is suggested to Duk Yi by a relative that Hae Young was actually dumped, and hiding it by claiming responsibility for calling off the wedding, Duk Yi almost resorts to violence. However, she stops short, because she is happy to announce to the relative that Hae Young has a handsome, new man in her life.

When Hae Young does her usual shtick of pretending there’s a man in the house during a pizza delivery, Do Kyung suddenly emerges from their shared doorway. Do Kyung offers to keep his side of the door unblocked in case she ever needs an escape route. He then gives her a lamp so that she will stop bumping into things at night. Hae Young spends the night turning the lamp on and off, with hearts in her eyes. Do Kyung orders her to stop from the other side of the barrier, and she does exactly that.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.12


So, it appears that the ultimate villain of this Kdrama is Do Kyung’s mother, and not pretty Hae Young. Do Kyung’s mother is a lot easier to hate since she seems to be a single minded psychopath who will stop at nothing to get funding for her movie. Plus, she is always wearing ridiculous hats.

I am not sure how I feel about this sympathetic turn in pretty Hae Young’s story. She was definitely more interesting when one was not sure what motivated her to break off the marriage so suddenly. Though, at least, her rather distracted attitude towards the other Hae Young is now understandable. How can she possibly focus on Hae Young as a threat when she is preoccupied with Do Kyung’s evil mother?

Now that the audience has been encouraged to regard pretty Hae Young with compassion, perhaps plain Hae Young will soon do the same, and develop some dignity. I was not a fan of her recorded ramblings; they were easily the most pathetic things the lead female has done thus far. That is why I find it hard to accept that Do Kyung is connecting with her through such an unappealing aspect of the character.

Speaking of Do Kyung, I am finding Eric Mun’s understated grimaces and discomfort entertaining. I do have one request of Do Kyung: please fire your team. I am getting fed up with the whiners that Do Kyung surrounds himself with. How does he get anything done having to constantly whip those lazy idiots into shape? Please, no more scenes of the team complaining about what a perfectionist Do Kyung is.

Oh Hae Young Again 6.8

Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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  1. Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung could be my favorite couple character in korean drama ever if the story stay awesome until end of series.

    It’s so refreshing to see both lead characters are totally different but compliment each other.

    Oh Hae Young, bright, easy going, full of spirit and so open about her feelings. She can fight and very brave.
    Park Do Kyung is introvert, awkward, mysterious and man…he just rarely speak. Despite what he did to Han Tae Jin, I’m 100% sure he’s really a good guy.

    Oh Hae Young – Park Do Kyung reminds me a lot with the characters from BBC series North and South, Mr. John Thornton and Margareth Hale. Thornton-Park Do Kyung tsundere, strict on his works, loves his family but very soft at heart while Margareth Hale-Oh Hae Young, brave and ready to fight for her rights. Because of the girl, the man seems start to have more lively life.

    i’m in love with Se Hyun Jin’s acting 9isn’t she so adorable?!) but I must say I adore Eric’s acting too. It;s not easy to act as very quiet guy but still can deliver emotions very well like he did.

    Lets hope they won’t ruin this story.


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