Oh Hae Young Again episode 9 recap

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Episode Recap

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As Do Kyung (Eric Mun) gets into his car, he’s hit by another vision of Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin), where the two of them fight and he tries to kiss her. Meanwhile, Hae Young puts on a patently false facade of cheer at work, but inside she can’t stop thinking about Do Kyung’s rejection. Her funk doesn’t last long, as her co-workers make a contest out of who got the oldest metabolic age on their yearly physical. With her high score of 41, Hae Young thinks she has it in the bag to win, but loses out to her boss, Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). Pretty Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) wins for being the youngest, with a metabolic age of 21.

I’m not sure how or why, but this contest is concluded at a noraebang, where plain Hae Young gets drunk and angry that pretty Hae Young is being praised for her metabolic youth. She cuts off pretty Hae Young’s song in the middle, then yells at her to change her name. Finally, plain Hae Young confronts pretty Hae Young in front of everyone for dumping Do Kyung on their wedding day. Pretty Hae Young is unfazed and turns the question back at her, asking why plain Hae Young stopped her own wedding. Plain Hae Young has no response.


Back at home, plain Hae Young’s mom, Duk Yi (Kim Mi Kyung) calls the mother of Hae Young’s ex-fiancé, Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon), to give her a piece of her mind. As Hae Young’s father looks on, Duk Yi promises that Hae Young will never marry Tae Jin.

Back at work, an edgy Do Kyung gets into an argument with an actor doing overdubs. His co-workers solve the situation by shoving Do Kyung into his office and finishing off the session themselves. In the meantime, Do Kyung gets a call from pretty Hae Young, who explains that she can’t meet up to play ping-pong with him. Unaware that plain Hae Young is in a bathroom stall behind her, pretty Hae Young tells Do Kyung that plain Hae Young has a metabolic age of 41, and adds in how plain Hae Young drunkenly demanded that she change her name. Humiliated, plain Hae Young is reminded of all the times in school when she was mistaken for pretty Hae Young, or overlooked in favour of pretty Hae Young.


Plain Hae Young gathers up her grudges and goes back out to the party to confront pretty Hae Young. As everyone watches, plain Hae Young promises to let go of her bitterness, if pretty Hae Young will just let her squash her this once. In the end, her attack is thwarted by a graceful and timely headbutt from Soo Kyung.

Back at her house, Soo Kyung and pretty Hae Young have no idea what to do with the unconscious plain Hae Young. Thankfully, Do Kyung arrives, and after an escape attempt, he drives away with plain Hae Young, pretending to take her home. In the meantime, pretty Hae Young plays cute to Soo Kyung and attempts to finagle her way into the house. Soo Kyung is not receptive, and neither are Jin Sang (Kim Ji Seok), and Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), who come running out of the house to give pretty Hae Young a piece of their minds for daring to show her face again.


They’re both stopped short by pretty Hae Young’s beauty, and just end up gaping like idiots. With everyone standing outside, Do Kyung ends up driving around the block again, unable to take plain Hae Young back to her apartment. Jin Sang takes the clue and disperses the group, with Soo Kyung barring Hae Young from entering the house.


Do Kyung, meanwhile, goes to a convenience store to get some ointment for plain Hae Young’s injuries. Unable to stop thinking about his vision, Do Kyung can’t bring himself to treat plain Hae Young, and covers her up instead. To add to the confusion, pretty Hae Young calls him to meet up again, so she can give him something.

Something turns out to be his ping-pong paddle, so that he can meet her for ping-pong again. When Do Kyung points out that the two of them have settled things and have no reason to meet, Hae Young replies that she’d like for the two of them to like each other, too. Do Kyung drives off without answering.


Plain Hae Young, meanwhile, wakes up in a palatial hotel room with only the vaguest idea of how she got there. Plain Hae Young is relieved when Do Kyung arrives, then hopefully suggests that the two of them get it on, since they’re already there. Do Kyung instead berates her for her drunken behaviour and tells her to come out to the car. They end up by the banks of the Han River, where Hae Young tells Do Kyung that she’ll be moving back to her parents, and thanks him for helping her get through her hard time.

The next morning, Jin Sang uses his knowledge of French to convince Soo Kyung to meet up with her lost love. Soo Kyung gathers up her courage and finally meets with him again, but instead of romancing her, her lost love reminisces about old times instead.

Jin Sang, meanwhile, can’t find a place to have sex with his girlfriend, so decides to go back to his apartment, in the hopes that the man who’s been threatening him won’t be there. His hopes are dashed when the man not only shows up, but chases Jin Sang with an ax, strips off his clothes, and then makes him confess his sins to his own mother.


Back at the house, Jin Sang goes on a bender, when he’s joined by a disappointed Soo Kyung. The two of them keep drinking their sorrows away (with bizarre dancing thrown in for good measure), until Soo Kyung suddenly wakes up to find them both naked in bed together. The next morning, Jin Sang has no memory of what happened, but Soo Kyung is so embarrassed at doing it with Jin Sang that she throws a fit in the elevator at work.

Tae Jin is so appalled at his mother’s attempt to get himself and Hae Young back together that he yells at her in a café, then storms off. Tae Jin texts Hae Young to find out why she confessed that he had dumped her to his parents, but Hae Young ignores him. Instead, he shows up to her office after work, and they go for a walk. When Tae Jin makes the mistake of suggesting they go eat, Hae Young angrily walks away. Desperate to stop her, Tae Jin confesses everything, that he went to jail and broke up with her to spare her the pain of seeing him go away. Hae Young is so taken aback that she starts crying, and doesn’t stop until she’s at home with her parents.


Meanwhile, that night, a restless Do Kyung waits in vain for Hae Young to come back to her apartment. When she doesn’t, he hangs out in her apartment, then listens to his recordings of her.

The next morning, Hae Young gets a call from Tae Jin at her parents’ house, and agrees to meet with him. Duk Yi is appalled, but Hae Young confesses that she’s bored and wants to date him for a while.

Do Kyung, meanwhile, shows up to play ping-pong with pretty Hae Young. After their match, she invites him to eat and asks when they can play again, but Do Kyung isn’t interested. He tells her that he can meet her now in the street and say hello, and anything more would be weird. With his feelings settled, Do Kyung leaves, while pretty Hae Young watches regretfully.


Do Kyung calls plain Hae Young from the car as he drives to her parents’ house, and tells her to come home with him, since he has something to tell her. She comes out when he arrives, but she’s followed shortly by Tae Jin, who smiles at her and leaves, as Do Kyung watches from his car. As he drives away angrily, Do Kyung has another vision, this time of himself in a car accident. He gets out of his car to check, but there’s nothing there, and all that’s left is a pain in his side. Do Kyung sees a vision of himself bleeding and an ambulance on the way, but wakes up in his own bed. Later, at his office, the psychiatrist tells Do Kyung that he finally understands what Do Kyung’s visions are about, but we don’t get to hear it.

Instead, Do Kyung runs into plain Hae Young as he walks home. She tells him that she’s moving her stuff out, and asks what he wanted to tell her last night. Do Kyung answers tersely that he has the money for her security deposit, prompting Hae Young to ask if he’s angry. He is, it turns out, because she’s back with Tae Jin. Do Kyung accuses her of being easy, then the conversation devolves into an argument. Hae Young finally admits that she’s with Tae Jin to stop her from throwing herself at Do Kyung, who keeps sending her mixed signals. Rather than respond, Do Kyung just walks away.


Hae Young goes after him, whacking him with her bag, and things devolve even further, with the two of them wrestling in the alleyway. Finally, Do Kyung pins Hae Young against the wall, and the two of them stare at each other, breathing hard. Do Kyung finally kisses Hae Young, and she kisses him back, and wow, things are looking pretty serious, until Do Kyung suddenly breaks the kiss and pushes her away.

Without saying anything, Do Kyung walks away, the words of the psychiatrist echoing in his ears.


If ever you needed a lesson in why not to drink, Hae Young’s behaviour in this episode might just do it. The men in this show have not been good to her, and yes, she’s traumatized by her association with pretty Hae Young, but she’s really not doing herself any favours either. When Do Kyung yelled at her to get it together, I wanted to high-five him as much as I wanted to slap him upside the head for messing with her emotions.

It’s pretty clear at this point that Do Kyung is in as much emotional turmoil as Hae Young. The rational thing to do would be to confess to Hae Young about what he did to Tae Jin, thus effectively driving her away for good. Instead, Do Kyung remains tight-lipped, unable to hold on to her or conclusively push her away, while Hae Young repeatedly spills her guts to him. Their push and pull relationship is almost uncomfortable to watch, and it left me with some mixed feelings about their kiss. It’s not often we get to see two people kissing like adults in a K-drama, with some obviously adult emotions coming out in it, but given the state of their relationship, I found it a little hard to celebrate. Add to that the brawling in the street, and I’m as confused about the state of their relationship as they are.

But, let’s leave all that aside for a minute. Do Kyung’s visions of a car accident suddenly reminded me of a movie called Stay. You can see how it goes in the link if you want to, so I won’t spoil the ending of that movie here, but I’m wondering if there’s some similarity.

Finally, all seriousness aside, Jin Sang and Soo Kyung might be the true OTP of this show.


Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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  1. Silent delurker here. Thank you for recapping this drama. I concur with your view on the kiss and their individual messy emotional state.


    1. I think messy is the only word to describe their emotional state… I wish I could have enjoyed their kiss more.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for delurking!


  2. It was a little bit uncomfortable watching them as well. At first, i was excited, but it felt wrong and misguided, i actually fast forwaded. Both of the are emotionally messed up and even though their chemistry is intense and their passion is toxic, it leaves a bad taste at the end result.of where their relationship is headed because Do kyung.ia filled with guilt that he cannot overcome and his premonition doesn’t help either. Hae Young ia so honest that sometimes, i wish she tonea.it down. Because, she should feel that this guy she truly likes needs more than closure.
    I’m rambling, hopefully i make sense


    1. Hae Young should totally tone down on the honesty. I wish her friend who disappeared a couple of episodes ago would come back, because she really needs a friend to tell her to get it together. I also wish that it didn’t look like Do Kyung keeps coming back to her because she’s such a mess that he can’t resist helping her. Guilt and pity are so bound up in his feelings for her that it’s kind of icky.


  3. I did not care for the kiss either. Their relationship is a hot mess and the two of them should get some assistance with their anger issues. That said I like the drama and I hope that they find a way to work out their issues without so much hitting with purses and pinning to walls. I had forgotten the movie Stay completely which says something about how much I liked it I guess. I was thinking of Incident At Owl Creek which has sort of the same idea. Living the last moments in a fantasy that allows you to end with a bit of happiness and hope.


    1. Stay is pretty forgettable… it just popped up in my mind with the psychiatrist (who admittedly looks nothing like Ewan Macgregor) and the visions of the car crash. Actually, when I mentioned this to my significant other, he said exactly the same thing you did, that it sounded like Incident at Owl Creek. I think this story is heading in that direction, but I would be pretty surprised if it ends the same way, though…


  4. I think Seo Hyun-Jin is a good actress and I think she has a great future after struggling for so many years!
    I really think the whole drama is made so watchable by her antics and her acting skills.
    And we are watching talents into of just eye candies.
    I am really happy that I watched this series.


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