Tasty Tuesday: Bestie

Vancouver’s Chinatown appears to be in the midst of a hipster renaissance, and Bestie is one of the most obvious harbingers of this change. Besides a couple of playful references to Asian culture, Bestie has nothing to do with the original occupants of the neighbourhood.

Sausage & Sauerkraut (see above) – Locally made, all natural sausage served with warm sauerkraut, house mustard, crispy fries, and mayonnaise. Simply  put, everything on this dish was delicious.

I was a little underwhelmed by the Sausage Roll. It tasted familiar, but did not strike me as particularly good or bad.

However, I really enjoyed the ice cream sandwich. The vanilla ice cream was wedged between two ginger cookies, and flavours went together wonderfully.

Frankly, the best thing about Bestie was the restaurant decor. It was a stylish, yet comfortable place to hang out in the middle of a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood.

Bestie, 105 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

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