Oh Hae Young Again episode 13 recap

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Episode Recap

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As Do Kyung (Eric Mun) frantically drives somewhere, he swears that he will go all the way to where his heart is taking him.


We don’t get to find out where that is, as Hee Ran (Ha Shi Eun) pops up at the home of Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) to take Hae Young for an outing. They drive to the same park everyone goes to in Korean dramas, where Hae Young swears that she’ll dump the next person she dates, to make up for having been dumped so often. Hee Ran, meanwhile, tells Hae Young that she’s envious of the fact that Hae Young throws her whole being into her relationships, and they round out their trip by frolicking in the same fountain everyone in Korean dramas uses to frolic.

Back home again, Hae Young has caught a cold and must be nursed by her mother, Duk Yi (Kim Mi Kyung). Duk Yi tells Hae Young that they’re moving to Chung Joo, and asks Hae Young to come with them. Hae Young refuses; she’s found her courage to go on and wants to return to work.


Their heart-to-heart is interrupted by the doorbell. It turns out to be Do Kyung, and his presence turns into an excuse for a Keystone Kops-style chase with Hae Young’s father trying and failing to evade the relentless Duk Yi. When she inevitably catches up to them, Do Kyung can do nothing but apologize, as Duk Yi points out that his wrongdoings will come back to haunt him. But, as Hae Young’s father runs into the house to get Hae Young, Duk Yi takes the opportunity to take back her curses, then angrily blames his sad eyes for fooling her.

When Hae Young arrives, Hae Young’s father drags Duk Yi away, leaving Hae Young alone with Do Kyung. Do Kyung’s attempt at physical contact is met with rejection, as are his apologies and attempts to talk about his feelings. In the end, Hae Young thanks Do Kyung for giving her the opportunity to dump him, then walks away coldly.


A heartbroken Do Kyung stands outside her gate until night-time, but Hae Young only returns to give him back his lamp and music box. Do Kyung returns to his vision of his mother, Ji Ya (Nam Gi Ae) begging him to apologize to CEO Jang, followed by a vision of Hae Young’s ex-fiancé, Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) gloating over being back with the right person. Do Kyung ends up back in the psychiatrist’s office, wondering why he’s having these visions of all the regretful moments that happened before he died.

The psychiatrist explains a theory that life exists solely as flashbacks as we die (what?). He tells Do Kyung that instead of living apathetically, since we’re on a predetermined path, he should quietly listen to what his heart wants (again, what?).

Do Kyung takes this advice to heart (no pun intended), and acknowledges that he’s never given his all to anything or anyone, solely reacting to the other party’s feelings. But, now, Do Kyung regrets that his refusal to deal with his own feelings has hurt Hae Young.


Hae Young, meanwhile, goes back to work the next day with a smile pasted on her face. Her colleagues are incredulous to see her, but laugh on command when she tells them to. Hae Young first goes to speak with her boss, Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won), who apologizes to her for not knowing about Do Kyung’s role in ruining her marriage. When Soo Kyung attempts to talk to her about Do Kyung’s pain, Hae Young shuts her down, then points out that Soo Kyung is not wearing heels and has crumbs from a snack on her face. A flustered Soo Kyung babbles out an excuse.

Hae Young’s next stop on the apology tour is pretty Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin). While pretty Hae Young tries to say that she’s sorry, Hae Young has come to an acceptance of her place in life, that pretty Hae Young is pretty Hae Young, and that she’s ordinary Hae Young. Pretty Hae Young reminds Hae Young that she was always quick to get back up after a fall, then asks her out for a drink. Hae Young tells pretty Hae Young that she’ll go with her some day, then adds that it’s over with Do Kyung for her, and wishes pretty Hae Young luck.


Later at home, pretty Hae Young regrets that she’s not even Do Kyung’s most painful love anymore. Meanwhile, Do Kyung’s brother, Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) gets a call while napping at the home of his girlfriend, An Na (Heo Young Ji), and goes running out to meet with Hee Ran, who wants to talk about his script.

At the meeting, a nervous Hoon is distracted by Hee Ran’s cleavage, but finally gets on track as she suggests changes, then talks about sending the script to actors Jung Min (referring to Hwang Jung Min, I guess) and Jung Jae (Lee Jung Jae?).


Walking home that night, Soo Kyung runs into the neighbourhood watch ladies and confesses that she’s pregnant. They all end up in a café, where they listen sympathetically as she bemoans the fact that not only is Jin Sang a disaster with relationships, but a slimeball defence lawyer as well. As if on cue, Jin Sang calls from a party at a hostess club and tells her that having polled the guys he’s partying with, the consensus is that she shouldn’t have the baby. Given that she’s 44 and likely in her last pregnancy, Soo Kyung asks whether she should tell the father, if she decides to have the baby. He polls the guys again, and it’s four to two in favour of knowing the truth. A depressed Soo Kyung hangs up and asks the ladies if they want to go eat something.

Do Kyung comes running to Hae Young’s old apartment, only to find Hae Young and the angry landlord. The landlord is annoyed that Do Kyung and Hae Young have made a secret deal about her moving out, and demands that she stay and continue to pay the rent. As Hae Young refuses, Do Kyung has another vision about himself arguing with the landlord to let her go.


But, when he does open his mouth, Do Kyung tells Hae Young that he would like it if she moved back in. Do Kyung chases after Hae Young as she walks out, but when he has a vision of her answering a call from her ex-fiancé, Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon), he goes back into the house. In fact, Hae Young never answers the call as she leaves.

Hae Young does, however, meet Tae Jin for dinner, where she suggests that they break up permanently. Tae Jin, on the other hand, suggests that they just keep seeing each other, to see if things get better with time.


The next day, Tae Jin goes to see Do Kyung, and things play out exactly according to Do Kyung’s vision. Do Kyung just listens as Tae Jin threatens him obliquely, then tells him that it’s good that things have gone back to how they were before.


Hoon’s script rewrite isn’t going well, and to help him out, Hee Ran takes him back to her house. Hoon is completely distracted by Hee Ran’s sexy legs, and flies into a panic when she leaves the room to change. When she comes back, he trips and falls down the stairs in an effort to get away from her. She throws his shoes and script out the door after him, calling him crazy as he flees.

Do Kyung runs into Hae Young on the street, and asks her where she’s going. When she reminds him to act like he doesn’t know her, Do Kyung has a vision of himself replying with a snarky comment. Instead, he tells her to change her shoes, since they sound uncomfortable. Hae Young pauses then continues to walk away. As she does, Do Kyung has another vision of Hae Young meeting Tae Jin, then laughing with him as a balloon from a nearby vendor pops. In the vision, they walk away hand in hand. Do Kyung watches as Hae Young walks up to Tae Jin and the two are startled by the balloon popping, but then turns away before he can see that Hae Young doesn’t take Tae Jin’s hand.


Back at home, Jin Sang tries to cheer up Do Kyung by passing on some shocking news, but is prevented by Soo Kyung. Instead, Do Kyung lies down on the floor in imitation of his car accident, and has flashbacks to Hae Young.

Hae Young comes home that night practically crippled from walking around in her small shoes, and sick from her cold. In voiceover, we learn that she’s deliberately hurting herself as a distraction from her longing to go back to Do Kyung. Unfortunately, Hae Young takes things too far, and doesn’t take her cold medicine. Duk Yi finds the pills in the garbage can, then finds Hae Young feverish and unresponsive in her bed.


I didn’t know you could die from a cold, but anyway, Duk Yi calls for an ambulance in a panic and the unconscious Hae Young ends up in an emergency room. When she wakes up, Hae Young is on an IV and annoyed that she is feeling healthy again. When she tells the nurse to take the IV out so she can leave, the nurse refuses, then pulls back the curtain, to reveal Do Kyung on the next bed, also newly recovered.


The two of them stare into each other’s eyes, until Hae Young pulls the curtain back in front of her. Do Kyung tries to walk away, but he has a vision as he goes, of himself telling her not to get sick as he leaves. Instead, he turns back and tells her that he’s glad to see her and if he had it all to do again, he would ruin her wedding and make her move next door so they could meet again. He apologizes that that’s how he feels, that he got sick because he couldn’t hold her. As he walks away, Hae Young sits frozen in her hospital bed.

But, Do Kyung doesn’t make it too far out of the hospital before Hae Young chases him down and throws herself into his arms. She smiles and kisses him, but before it can get dirty, the episode ends.



I was pretty happy at the beginning of this episode to see Hae Young hurting, but back on her feet. The return of her sense of humour was nice, and her overly cheerful return to work, if not hilarious, was at least somewhat funny. Which made it even harder to watch when we took a left turn back into mope-y territory.

Maybe it’s the trauma of last week’s episodes, but I find Hae Young’s lack of self-worth without Do Kyung kind of disturbing. I wasn’t expecting her to instantly jump into happiness once she definitively ended things with Do Kyung, but I did expect her to act like a functioning adult. Instead, she lasted a really short time before she moped her way into the hospital. If I’m meant to believe that she’s suffering from some kind of mental illness, I’d really like the writers to make this clear. Otherwise, they’re casting Hae Young’s need to harm herself as the way she expresses her frustrated love (even Hee Ran praised her “going all the way”), and frankly, I just don’t buy it. Beating yourself up does not equal emotional commitment.

But, on the upside, given the pretty sweet kiss we ended on, I think we can assume that moping time is over. And, given Do Kyung’s newfound resolve to change how things go, maybe there’s hope that he won’t die in a car accident? Regardless, now that everything’s out in the open and Do Kyung and Hae Young are together, I guess we’ll spend the next five episodes battling an increasingly angry Tae Jin and our cartoon chaebol villain, Chairman Jang. I suspect these two have something to do with Do Kyung’s accident, but then, I also suspect that the psychiatrist is on crack and there is no accident.

From the previews anyway, the next episode will spend some time on the true OTP of this show, slimeball Jin Sang and crazy Soo Kyung. Woohoo!

Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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