Cinderella and Four Knights episode 9 recap

Side dish: Ha Won needed a hearty breakfast post accident, but the concussion along with the uncertainty of her kiss with Ji Woon probably robbed her of her appetite. What she needed was something pretty and easy to swallow like a Birthday Cake Protein Shake. It’s healthy, dairy-free, and paleo.

Episode Recap

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Ha Won (Park So Dam) wakes up with a hangover, and initially assumes that the drunken kiss she shared with Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) was a dream. However, after finding Ji Woon as a sodden mess outside her bedroom door, she realizes that her memory was a reality. While trying to decide if she is thrilled or horrified, Ha Won slips in the bathroom, and knocks herself out. 

Secretary Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and Ha Won’s friend, Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) accompany her to the local hospital where they learn that Ha Won has sustained a minor concussion and a sprained ankle. Ha Won wakes up before they depart for a hospital in Seoul, and is clearly still focused on Ji Woon as she asks Ja Young if her head injury can give her leeway to claim amnesia regarding the night before. She ends up blaming her memory loss on the alcohol when Yoon Sung asks Ha Won about last night.


Back at the Haneul Group vacation home, everyone decides to pack up and head home. Ji Woon discovers that all of Ha Won’s belongings remain unpacked, and dotes on her team building notes until Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) shows up, and Ji Woon feigns indifference.

At the hospital in Seoul, Ha Won is hobbling out with a cast when she spots Yoon Sung disappearing into the Organ Transplant office of the hospital. Unbeknownst to her, Yoon Sung is speaking with the coordinator on behalf of the Chairman. The Chairman requires a liver transplant, but is against looking for a donor within his own family. Yoon Sung is left to worry by himself about the Chairman’s chances of finding a donor before he dies.


Thanks to the shortened family vacation, the Chairman must himself check out of the hospital to hide his worsening hepatic cirrhosis from his family. The Chairman takes his wife on a shopping spree to thank her for staying by his side during his hospital stay. He spies her buying a flamboyant tie, and erroneously believes that it is for him.

Everyone is looking glum at Sky House, waiting for news about Ha Won. Hye Ji approaches playboy Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun) to talk about the kiss they shared the night before. When he proposes that they pretend it never happened, Hye Ji is shocked and hurt.


Ha Won returns to Sky House, and she and Ji Woon instantly make eye contact. She stumbles into his arms, and they both look awkward. Hyun Min, Yoon Sung and pop star, Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) all offer to help Ha Won, but she decides to hurriedly hop by herself to the safety of her bedroom.

As Ji Woon takes Hye Ji home, she asks if something happened between him and Ha Won. He denies it, though Hye Ji notes that he seemed happier than he has been in a long time. When they arrive at Hye Ji’s house, she and Ji Woon find shady men waiting for her father. The men take off without explanation after being told that Hye Ji’s father is out of town.


The next day, Ji Woon is bothered by Hye Ji’s observation that Ha Won appears to be avoiding him. Hyun Min volunteers to help Ha Won get dressed, but is so disgusted by her wardrobe that he immediately departs to buy her a new wardrobe that will accommodate her cast. Seo Woo brings Ha Won a hearty breakfast prepared by the housekeeper, but Ha Won is uncharacteristically lacking in appetite. Seo Woo frets over Ha Won, then looks downtrodden after Ha Won friend zones him.

When Ha Won and Ji Woon eventually run into each other, she brings up the night before. Ji Woon claims to have blacked out from alcohol consumption while Ha Won matches his alcohol excuse and adds concussion to the reasons she can’t remember anything. Ha Won struggles with what their kiss means if Ji Woon was simply drunk and doesn’t remember it. Meanwhile, Ji Woon is horrified to find drunken selfies with Ha Won on his phone.


Seo Woo finds out that paparazzi have captured photos of him and Ha Won together. Seo Woo’s manager is prepared to have Seo Woo simply deny that he is dating, but Seo Woo does not want Ha Won suffering a repeat of the scrutiny she suffered as Hyun Min’s fiancée. Seo Woo proposes giving the paparazzi something juicier: the photos of him cross dressing in Ja Young’s uniform. When the photos are released, Seo Woo discovers that his fans are surprisingly understanding.

Ji Woon finds himself grabbing his wine stained shirt from the housekeeper to keep as a memento of the night that he and Ha Won kissed before he dropped her unconscious body off to bed. When Ji Woon musters the courage to face Ha Won, he is blocked by either Seo Woo tending to her, or Hyun Min dropping off late night snacks. During the latter visit, Ha Won brings up Hye Ji’s earnest love for Hyun Min, and compares her constancy to a tree. She insists that Hyun Min obviously demonstrates feelings for Hye Ji.


Hye Ji visits Ha Won with a bouquet of flowers. When a self-conscious Ha Won decides to wash her hair, Hye Ji wanders into Hyun Min’s room. He enters as she is looking at the childhood photo of them with her deceased older brother. Hye Ji demands to know what she means to him, and Hyun Min threatens never to see her again if she continues to bother him about their relationship before storming out.

Meanwhile, Ha Won falls in the bathtub, and Ji Woon comes to the rescue. He finds her fully clothed with a plastic bag on her sprained ankle and a head full of suds. Ji Woon helps her up, rinses her hair clean then roughs her up while towel drying. All the while, he is getting a kick out of teasing Ha Won as she struggles and protests.


Ji Woon is still chuckling to himself when he spots a devastated Hye Ji stumbling out of Hyun Min’s bedroom. Hyun Min has second thoughts and runs back to find Hye Ji. Instead, Ji Woon gets in his face and threatens him. Hye Ji rouses herself from her stupor to announce that she wants to get over Hyun Min and asks Ji Woon if he will take her, instead. On her way to return Ji Woon’s watch, Ha Won witnesses the entire scene and instantly tears up.


This episode really belaboured two points: the Chairman is ready to die rather than ask his family to donate a liver, and Ha Won and Ji Woon felt awkward about their kiss. Both felt like time wasters, but only one was enjoyable.

I admit that I squealed right alongside Ha Won and Ji Woon as they replayed the night before in their minds then came face-to-face in the sober light of day. When Ji Woon helped Ha Won in the bathtub, my head almost exploded from how adorable they were with each other. I give all the credit to Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam for creating tension while maintaining such a playful tone.



In contrast, I zoned out a bit every time the Chairman’s story came up, because they were really just repeating the same information over and over again. Weirdly enough, they never chose to pick up on the other story lines they started last week concerning Ha Won’s possible biological father, or her scheming stepmother and stepsister. Not that I am particularly excited about either development, but some progress would have been preferable to repetition of the same information.

Speaking of repetition, Hye Ji is like a broken record. I can’t say I blame Hyun Min for threatening to excommunicate her. In the end, it seems that Hye Ji has decided to use Ji Woon to make Hyun Min jealous. It should be an outrageous cliffhanger, but it’s just a predictable turn from a tiresome character.

Poor Seo Woo was lacking interaction with Ja Young, so he had to work hard to be a heartthrob. Fortunately, he served the purpose of prompting Ha Won to be the voice of reason when she asked what the hell he was wearing. Some of the wardrobe choices have indeed been puzzling from Seo Woo’s fringed army jacket to Ji Woon’s pajama top with jeans. I welcome the ridiculous outfits if it will distract me from the weaker story lines and Hye Ji’s perpetually melting face.


Cinderella and Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사) 

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  1. Lol the guy’s fashion has really been strange this episode. Especially that jacket with the pink ribbons hanging off of it that Ji-Woon was wearing? I mean what was that?? This episode was definitely carried by Ji-Woon and Ha-Won’s adorable chemistry. Sadly Hye-Ji continues to bore and now she’s trying to drag Ji-Woon’s character down with her. No surprises though, lol, but still I hope they can get through the Hye-Ji arc soon.


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