First Kiss for the Seventh Time series review

Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) is a 25-year-old employee at a duty-free department store who has never been kissed. After doing a favour for a glamourous customer (Choi Ji Woo), Soo Jin is magically whisked away on seven date scenarios. Each ends just as Soo Jin is about to kiss. Which dreamy corporate model will Soo Jin choose to experience her first kiss with?

Side dish: If you fail to get dates with seven top Kdrama actors, don’t cry. Just bake some Seven-Layer Cookies, stare at their cheerful rainbow colours, then eat the pain away.

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Lee Joon Gi

IT Tycoon and Soo Jin’s childhood friend

Lee Joon Gi and his bad hair take Soo Jin back to his place for dinner, but he disappears to change into something more comfortable (WTF?). They have dinner seemingly inspired by a 12 year old’s idea of romance. It fails to be an intimate experience, because the dining table is so long. As Soo Jin attempts to get her bearings, Lee Joon Gi laughs condescendingly at her. The finale is a slideshow reveal of his 10+ years of stalking her.

Kiss forecast: Soo Jin looks uncomfortable, and who can blame her? She’s stuck in the house of a long-time stalker, and the jerk will probably use his home clothes as an excuse not to drive her home.

Park Hae Jin

Store manager and Soo Jin’s boss

Park Hae Jin is nice to the children of customers, but an intimidating boss to Soo Jin. He uses his authority to compel her to come alone to his office then forces her to stay for dinner. All the while, he ignores her. Soo Jin is rightfully creeped out after finding photos of her in his possession. Then, it turns out that Park Hae Jin is not the pervert; he was just protecting her from one! I don’t know why he couldn’t have just warned her instead of keeping her in the dark.

Kiss forecast: It’s never a good idea to date the boss, especially someone who uses his authority to make decisions about your safety without consulting you.

Lee Min Ho

Travel writer

Apparently, Lee Min Ho was a last minute addition to Soo Jin’s stable of fantasy men. Hence, the lackluster story line. He’s just a stranger asking Soo Jin to provide customer service, she embarrasses herself by being overly familiar, then they run into each other outside of her work. They have no chemistry, and they get nowhere near kissing.

Kiss forecast: Unlikely. This looks like it’s destined for the friend zone.


Ji Chang Wook

Secret agent and Soo Jin’s former team leader

Ji Chang Wook looks good, and so does Soo Jin when she demonstrates martial arts skills against men who attack them. Still, he reveals a concerning level of pettiness when he confesses to getting her fired from their team, because he has feelings for her.

Kiss forecast: Kissing Ji Chang Wook might be good for stress relief, but let’s keep this a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.

Lee Jong Suk

Corporate campaign model

This was the most realistic scenario with Soo Jin meeting a celebrity for the first time, and all the ensuing awkwardness. Lee Jong Suk is his usual flirty self and Soo Jin is a bit of a mess.

Kiss forecast: By the end, Soo Jin has Lee Jong Suk’s number, but will she have the guts to use it, and what could they possibly talk about? Maybe, it could serve solely for the purpose of hotline bling.

Ok Taecyeon

Soo Jin’s chaebol boyfriend

This was one of the most hilarious scenarios featuring the melodramatic chaebol wrath of Ok Taecyeon’s fiancée and mother. Soo Jin gets water thrown at her by the former, but is saved from an assault of kimchi and kelp from the latter. By this time, Soo Jin is getting the hang of dating; she attempts to get a parting kiss in before breaking up with Ok Taecyeon over his crazy family.

Kiss forecast: Ok Taecyeon relinquishes his fortune for Soo Jin, which would still make him a good looking guy with an expensive education. Still, the looming threat of a crazy family remains. Soo Jin should keep this relationship at strictly dating.


Soo Jin’s former Mandarin student

Soo Jin is actually taken out on a date by Kai. They get to cuddle up together under his jacket to hide from the rain, eat hamburgers, then dance in the open air with senior citizens. Kai tops it off with the gift of jewelry. Maybe, that’s why Kai feels no need to take things slow.

Kiss forecast: Soo Jin and Kai appear to have some genuine chemistry. With the five year age gap, the relationship would be titillating, but not scandalous, since he is no longer her student.


I am going to predict that Soo Jin will kiss Kai.

Unfortunately, none of the kisses happen, but there’s always the realm of imagination to fill the void.

Readers: Who do you think Soo Jin should kiss?

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  1. surprisingly good OST for this youtube series haha…and Kai (never seen him in anything though) was my fave too, it was the most fun to watch and of course Lee Jong Suk was adorably swoony. The Lee Min Ho one as the finale was a letdown.


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