Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 1

Side dish: I could post yet another jajangmyeon recipe here, since they order jajangmyeon in this episode, but the truth is that I really want sfiha (Lebanese meat pie), so let’s make this recipe from Dirty Kitchen Secrets instead.

Supernaturally strong job-seeker, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) gets caught in the act of beating up some gangsters by games company CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), who saves her from the police and gives her a job as his bodyguard. He’s attracted to her monstrous strength, but she only has eyes for straight-laced policeman, In Gook Doo (Ji Soo).

Episode Review

JK is away this week, so we’ve drafted in occasional Noona, Jin Joo (진주) to step in. JK will be back next week.

Only 만: So what did you think of the first episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”?

Jin Joo 진주: It was pretty cute. I liked the introduction of the two main characters, especially the comic book intro for our heroine, Bong Soon. It really sets her up as a superhero without taking it too seriously.

Only: The scene where she beats up the villainous gangsters was fun, too, like Looney Tunes meets the Avengers. Best of all was the way the kids were cheering her on, and how Min Hyuk was looking at her, like she was his hero.

Jin Joo: I don’t know if “hero” is the word.

Only: No, you’re right. I don’t think hero is what he was thinking of.

Jin Joo: I can’t say I thought much of serious cop, Gook Doo (Ji Soo). I mean, the hearts in her eyes when she looks at him are pretty cute, but it’s like she’s throwing herself at a blank wall. I don’t know if it’s a failure on the actor’s part, or if it’s just how the character is written.

Only: He grew on me after he showed up in a dress in that flashback, I have to say.

Jin Joo: Well, it’s as close as he got to showing some personality.

Only: To be fair, it’s only the first episode, so we don’t know much about anyone yet. I mean, aside from his interest in Bong Soon, the only thing we know about Min Hyuk is that he’s the CEO of a gaming company, hates cops, and he goes around on a hoverboard.

Jin Joo: And the only thing we know about Bong Soon is that she’s monstrously strong and afraid of both losing that strength and revealing it to others.

Only: I enjoyed the episode, but I thought it got muddled in the last act. The job interview was funny, but it went on too long. I mean, the arm wrestling on its own would have been great, but the chicken fight just seemed like overkill. And the murder felt like it came out of nowhere.

Jin Joo: The murder felt really odd given the cheerful tone of the rest of the episode. You have all this seemingly cartoonish violence and breaking of bones by Bong Soon, and then this horrible murder in the street. That switcheroo in tone was too fast to follow.

Only: Plus it felt like they rushed through the end. Maybe they were trying too hard to make the connection between the murders in Dobong-dong and the person threatening Min Hyuk?

Jin Joo: It did seem weirdly choppy at the end, like they cut down the last ten minutes for time. Can I just say, though, how nice it is for a kdrama heroine to be so confident? In the normal run of things, this episode would end with some kind of humiliation for Bong Soon. Instead, she flips the dynamic on its head, and regardless of how powerful he is as the company CEO, Min Hyuk is the one who can’t keep up with her.

Only: For sure. That’s the best thing about this show so far, that Bong Soon is such a boss. The only time she loses that is with Gook Doo, unfortunately, which is another strike against that character.

Jin Joo: She doesn’t have that problem with Min Hyuk, though.

Only: No, she doesn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing how that works out for the two of them.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

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