Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 4

Side dish: Bong Soon tried to get away with simply serving freshly squeezed apple juice to Min Hyuk for breakfast. When he demanded actual food, she should have used the leftover apple pulp to make Apple Breakfast Bread.

After having a nightmare about a cross dressing Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) laying claim on wholesome Gook Doo (Ji Soo), Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) finds herself forced to cook breakfast for her demanding boss. She is chastened when she is caught by Min Hyuk talking trash about him.

On their way to work, Min Hyuk is shot with a pellet gun by the same man who stabbed the cop. Bong Soon carries him to safety, and Min Hyuk becomes flustered while she is tending to his flesh wound. Min Hyuk receives a call from the shooter threatening to destroy his company if he does not give up his claim to his father’s company. He calls on his second eldest brother to help him figure out which of his two other brothers is responsible.

Bong Soon’s mother meets with a fortune teller. She is encouraged to challenge the boss of the redevelopment project in order to make a profit, and reassured that Bong Soon will marry into a good family.

The teen thugs that Bong Soon taught a lesson to are begging for her to be their leader. Meanwhile, the gangsters go on a recognizance mission at Bong Soon`s family café, then trail Bong Soon during her night out.

Bong Soon becomes depressed after learning that Gook Doo`s girlfriend, Hee Ji (Seol In A) misled him about going out for lunch with her brother, Bong Ki (An Woo Yeon). Bong Soon decides to go out for a late movie with Bong Ki and her friend, Kyung Shim. Min Hyuk ends up tagging along. They go clubbing, and a drunk Bong Soon rips a stripper pole off its bearings. She insults and threatens Min Hyuk after he takes her home. Fortunately, he finds her tirade attractive.

The Dobong-dong kidnapper destroys the car of the ballerina then takes her to his lair to make her his second bride. On her way to work, Bong Soon accidentally runs into the kidnapper, and freezes when she recognizes his voice.

Episode Review

Only is away today, so we’ve drafted in occasional Noona, Jin Joo (진주) to step in.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: Since the last episode was so excellent, I’m going to be picky and say this episode was less satisfying.

Jin Joo 진주: Episode 4 still had cute moments between Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. Even a simple phone conversation in which Min Hyuk teases her about being a man in disguise demonstrated that the two have a lot of chemistry.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Speaking of being in disguise, why was Min Hyuk in drag in Bong Soon’s nightmare? Being gay doesn’t necessarily mean being a cross dresser. I’ll be charitable and guess that Min Hyuk made for a more threatening rival when dressed and styled as Bong Soon.

Jin Joo: I’m not sure what the writer intended. I must admit that the pacing was a little clunkier in this episode. It felt like Min Hyuk was never going to leave home, because he was having a tantrum about breakfast. Then, he gets shot on his way to work. His company must run itself.

Junggugeo Kaenada: The only upside to that plot development is that we got to see Min Hyuk shaken by Bong Soon’s ministrations, and become determined not to be victimized by the shooter. Park Hyung Sik did a good job of giving Min Hyuk depth. You could see the character finding the strength to fight while staring at that portrait of Bong Soon (unbeknownst to him) in his closet.

Jin Joo: Min Hyuk gained some dignity, but Bong Soon appears to be in a state of arrested development. She’s constantly thinking ill of Min Hyuk, and lets her thoughts flow unfiltered when she thinks he is not listening or when alcohol loosens her tongue. Plus, Bong Soon once again failed to use her powers in any constructive way. She has one job – protecting Min Hyuk, and she failed at it again.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Bong Soon’s lack of growth, especially in comparison to Min Hyuk, is disappointing. However, she appeared infused with good will towards him at the end of this episode. Plus, she did not devolve like Hee Ji who not only decided to meet up with Bong Ki with romantic interest, but lied about it to Gook Doo. I hope they do something more with her character than turn her into a cheating flower of femininity.

Jin Joo: Let’s not forget about the Dobong-dong kidnappings. I was reassured to see that the kidnapper does not intend to kill his victims. At least, not right away. The women just have to stay skinny and silent until the police find them.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Yes, it was reassuring to see that the victims are relatively safe, because now, I can enjoy watching the burgeoning relationship between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon without feeling guilty.

Jin Joo: Though, the episode cliffhanger seems to promise development in the kidnapping case. Maybe in episode 5, Bong Soon will finally rise to be the hero she was meant to be.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

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