Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 10

Side dish: Bong Soon’s mom forcefeeds Min Hyuk some spicy chicken feet this episode, but it looked like he wanted something a little easier on the stomach, like chicken and rice porridge (dakjuk). Here’s a recipe for dakjuk by Aeri’s Kitchen.

Neither strong woman, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), nor straight-laced police detective, In Gook Doo (Ji Soo) accept the news that the police have caught the kidnapper. Instead, Gook Doo vows to keep investigating Kim Jang Hyuk, the suspect identified by Bong Soon, and goes to confront him.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon goes back to the hospital to take care of injured gaming CEO Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), but not even Min Hyuk’s shameless flirting can dislodge Kim Jang Hyuk’s name from her mind.

When Bong Soon goes home to research Kim Jang Hyuk, Min Hyuk derails her thoughts by giving her a transfer to the Planning and Development Department. That night, she stays home to prepare for her new job, while her mother keeps Min Hyuk company. Meanwhile, a frustrated Gook Doo attempts to quit the police department and confront Kim Jang Hyuk again, but his colleagues stop him just in time and persuade him to come back.

At work the next morning, Bong Soon is disappointed to discover that her new position will be working as an intern in a team of two with Min Hyuk, who spends the day ordering her around, while pretending to humour her. Her training is conducted by a supervisor with a penchant for bullying, but Bong Soon quickly traps him behind a table, and leaves him there.

That evening, Gook Doo goes drinking with his supervisor and they decide to work on catching the kidnapper, regardless of their orders. The kidnapper, meanwhile, has his sights set on Gook Doo’s ex-girlfriend, Hee Ji (Seol In A).

Bong Soon takes Min Hyuk home, and discovers the painting of her in the closet after he falls asleep. Min Hyuk wakes up after she leaves, and unable to sleep, goes to Bong Soon’s house and calls her out. He tells her that he’s lovesick, and that he thinks he likes her. Bong Soon just looks back at him in surprise.

Episode Review

JK is away for this episode, so we’ve drafted in occasional Noona, Jin Joo to help out.

Jin Joo 진주: I hate cliffhangers.

Only 만: No kidding. Min Hyuk finally directly tells her that he likes her, but we’ll have to wait until next week for her response.

Jin Joo: Any predictions?

Only: It’s clear that she likes him back, especially now that Min Hyuk has cleared up the confusion over him being gay. But, Bong Soon values loyalty, so maybe she’ll settle things with Gook Doo before she gives him a final answer. Or, maybe she’ll just sweep Min Hyuk off his feet and kiss him? That would be amazing.

Jin Joo: Now that we’ve covered the ending, let’s go back and talk about the rest of the show.

Only: This wasn’t one of my favourite episodes. As much as I love Min Hyuk and Bong Soon together, Min Hyuk came across as a bit of a jerk.

Jin Joo: Not always, though. There were a lot of dreamy moments in there, especially the way he looked at her when they ran into each other at work, and in the library. And that moment when he took her hand and put it over his heart was pretty spectacular.

Only: The way Min Hyuk looks at Bong Soon is dreamy, and I love the way they bicker. But, it feels manipulative when he holds out the carrot of what she wants most in the world, a job in the planning team, and then takes it away from her. And, he does it just so he can distract her from investigating the kidnapper.

Jin Joo: Not only that, Min Hyuk deliberately gives her a team leader he knows will provoke her and then doesn’t take her seriously, even for an intern. It felt a little like he wanted her to use her strength for his own amusement, rather than using it to catch a guy who kidnaps and attacks women. Frankly, I think Bong Soon should be more annoyed with Min Hyuk than she is, though I guess it’s hard to get worked up when a guy gets stabbed for you, then looks at you the way Min Hyuk looks at Bong Soon.

Only: I was surprised because he’s been supportive of her so far, especially in teaching her to control her powers. But maybe being stabbed brought out his protective instincts.

Jin Joo: What do you make of the re-appearance of Grandma, and the notebooks from the strong women of the past? What’s the meaning of the glowing light after Bong Soon locks up the notebooks?

Only: I’m not sure, but maybe it has something to do with her strength? Grandma told her that it’s time for her to use her powers for good, and we already know what happens if she doesn’t, thanks to Bong Soon’s mom.

Jin Joo: Maybe in the next episode, Bong Soon will focus on catching the kidnapper, especially since it looks like Hee Ji is next on his list.

Only: And maybe Min Hyuk could use his brains to help out. I’d love to watch the two of them bicker their way to rescuing the women.

Jin Joo: I’d love to watch the two of them do more than that, but I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

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