Coffee Prince episode 10 recap

Side dish: If the coffee house needs a featured snack to tie in with Yoo Joo’s sunflower wall mural, they should consider Sunflower Seed Brittle. It bypasses the common peanut butter allergy, and the recipe looks easy.

Episode Recap

A concerned Ha Rim checks in on a rough-looking Han Gyul who confesses that he likes Eun Chan. However, he is determined to get over it. At work, Ha Rim is offended by Eun Chan’s apparent indifference towards Han Gyul’s absence. Their spat is interrupted by the arrival of Han Gyul who ignores Eun Chan; Han Gyul is determined to finish up his three months at the coffee house. After closing shop, Han Gyul coldly rejects Eun Chan, honking his car horn when she places her scooter in his path.

Han Seong comes to an agreement with Eun Chan to forget their kiss so they can continue their friendship. However, when Yoo Joo receives a job offer from her ex-boyfriend, DK, Han Seong cannot provide a timeline for how long he will take to get over Eun Chan.

Ha Rim tries to tell Eun Chan that homosexuality is okay, then sets her up to do a delivery with Han Gyul in his place. Unfortunately, this results in a blow up during which Eun Chan learns that Han Gyul is having a hard time, because of his feelings for her.

During a visit by Han Gyul’s grandma and mother to the coffee house. Eun Chan overhears Han Gyul confirm that he plans to leave for the US when his three month term is up. After his family leave, Han Gyul and Eun Chan accidentally touch hands while washing dishes in the kitchen, and neither seem eager to separate.

In other news, Mr. Ku is determined to get over Eun Chan’s mother, since she refuses to become his lover. He announces that he is going on marriage dates, and Eun Chan’s mother angrily encourages him. Sun Ki finds his ex-girlfriend’s child, and follows her home to discover where his ex-girlfriend is. Min Yeop  purposely ignores Eun Sae’s calls and texts until she proposes that they meet up. Han Gyul’s father meets with the mysterious man who has arrived in Seoul for a business trip, and seems concerned about why the man has chosen to make contact.

Han Gyul’s next promotional strategy for the coffee house is to hold a concert featuring the staff playing regular coffee house items like musical instruments. Eun Sae and her friends attend as does Han Seong. The audience extends from the property onto the street. Afterwards, Han Gyul is alarmed when Sun Ki attempts to dance with Eun Chan, then acts disgusted when Han Seong shows Eun Chan favour.

An upset Eun Chan takes off and Han Seong goes after her. She breaks down over the impossible situation she finds herself in of not being able to quit, but unable to reveal her true self. Han Seong can only silently pat her on the back. The next day, Han Gyul continues to give Eun Chan mixed messages, trying to tie her apron strings one moment the reaming her out for a dirty cup the next.

After she is given a plane ticket to New York by her ex-boyfriend, DK, Yoo Joo announces to Han Seong that she is going to take the job in New York and get back together with DK. Han Seong pleads for her not to go, even though he has not gotten over his feelings for Eun Chan.

Ha Rim finds out that Eun Chan is female, and is outraged that Sun Ki, Mr. Hong and Min Yeop kept this a secret from Han Gyul. When he tries to warn Han Gyul, Min Yeop takes his phone away and locks him up at Mr. Hong’s bidding.

Han Gyul is thinking of Eun Chan, and rushes back to the coffee house. Upon coming face-to-face with Eun Chan, he jumps in and kisses her. When he pulls away, she returns his kiss. Han Gyul states that he likes her, whether Eun Chan is a man or an alien, and he is willing to go through with a relationship. Eun Chan can only hug him in gratitude.


Only 만: Oh, the drama. So much self-denial and angst that could have been avoided if only Eun Chan simply revealed that she was a girl.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: But then, we wouldn’t be treated to the hot kiss at the end.

Only: True. Let’s start with what we liked about this episode. Obviously, the kiss at the end.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Yes, it was one of the hottest kisses in a Kdrama ever. I have rarely seen kisses that match the passion and technique of the ones between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye in any other Kdrama. Except, maybe Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan in “Lie to Me”.

Only: Gong Yoo was just great in the scene: how tender he was and joyful about finally giving in to his feelings, regardless of how inappropriate he considers them. It was good that the episode ended with that scene, because Han Gyul was a mess before that.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I enjoyed the hot mess of Eun Chan and Han Gyul fighting with each other and against their attraction towards one another. From the screaming and crying around Han Gyul’s little convertible, to the pause after touching hands while washing dishes. It was all so oddly entertaining.

Only: I am sure that if we had to work alongside these antics, we would find them less so. Poor Han Seong became a casualty of the tug of war between Eun Chan and Han Gyul when he realized that he had been relegated to the shoulder that Eun Chan cries on. The look on Han Seong’s face while he patted Eun Chan on the back was priceless.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I preferred all this drama to the concert that the Coffee Prince staff put on. I could have done without the cutesy performance and mediocre musicianship.

Only: I found the Coffee Prince concert preferable to the secondary stories involving Sun Ki becoming a stalker, and Min Yeop playing games with Eun Sae. They were unwelcome distractions from the main story.

Junggugeo Kaenada: By the end of the episode, Eun Chan and Han Gyul are happy, but thanks to Ha Rim’s anger about being deceived, the assumption is that the couple’s happiness will be short lived.

Only: Get ready for a return to angst and add a healthy helping of self-flagellation and self-righteous anger.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

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