Coffee Prince episode 11 recap

Side dish: Han Gyul’s mom dropped by with noodles, but sadly for me, I have to make my own noodles. Here’s a recipe for Ants Climbing a Tree from The Woks of Life which I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Episode Recap

Han Gyul meets with the mystery man who contacted his father, Lee Myung Jae, and ends up learning more about his birth mother. Before leaving, Myung Jae gives Han Gyul a photograph of his birth mother, saying it is the only thing he can give him.

Han Seong is shocked to see Yoo Joo packing up her belongings from his home. He desperately asks her to be patient with him, but Yoo Joo does not want to be a burden to Han Seong and would rather that he follow his heart. He accuses her of leaving him for work, and using his feelings for Eun Chan as an excuse.

Eun Chan and Han Gyul barely have one night as a happy couple. The next morning, an outraged Ha Rim inadvertently reveals that Eun Chan is a woman to Han Gyul. Han Gyul flips out over being lied to by Eun Chan, and leaves.

Han Gyul finds out that Han Seong knew Eun Chan’s true sex, and confronts his cousin, punching him in the face when Han Seong objects to having any responsibility to inform him. Han Gyul asks if the woman Han Seong cheated on Yoo Joo with was Eun Chan, and Han Seong refuses to answer. Han Gyul calls Yoo Joo, but before she can respond, Han Seong grabs the phone, and insists that he is over Eun Chan.

Eun Chan is waiting outside Han Gyul’s apartment when he comes home. Eun Chan tries to explain why she lied, but Han Gyul is furious and cannot forgive her.

Eun Chan continues to go to work, hoping to see Han Gyul, but he avoids the coffee house. When he finally does appear, Han Gyul tells Mr. Hong to fire Eun Chan, and Mr. Hong throws the responsibility back in his lap.

Yoo Joo’s ex-boyfriend, DK is aware that she still retains feelings for Han Seong. DK mildly objects when Yoo Joo uses him to make Han Seong jealous. Han Seong still suspects that Yoo Joo is being tempted away by the work while Yoo Joo is not convinced that Han Seong is over Eun Chan.

Mr. Ku complains to Mr. Hong about losing patience waiting for Eun Chan’s mother. Mr. Hong goes to visit Eun Chan’s mother and encourages her to date Mr. Ku. Next, Mr. Hong visits Han Gyul, who is having noodles with his mother, and encourages him to forgive Eun Chan.

Han Gyul tells Eun Chan to leave the coffee house. She attempts to explain her rationale, but Han Gyul lambastes her for her selfishness. When Eun Chan protests, he forcibly kisses her, then disdainfully claims that he liked her better as a man.


Only 만: Out of all the episodes so far, this is the one that’s most like a soap opera; hurt feelings, tears and dramatic conversations. It’s not my favourite.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: I still found it entertaining, but only in a trainwreck sort of way. This is the episode Mr. Hong redeemed himself of his disgusting ways when he defended Eun Chan, and encouraged Han Gyul to forgive her. I would agree with him, but Han Gyul seems determined to be hurt and outraged about ending up in a heterosexual relationship with Eun Chan.

Only: I can kind of understand Han Gyul’s rationale: The lying did go on for a very long time and that’s what he seems stuck on. That said, we already know that Han Gyul is a very dramatic guy. There’s no way he was going to get over this that quickly.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I guess the situation was exacerbated by the fact that everyone knew before he did. Even Ha Rim.

Only: And finding out from Ha Rim made it even worse, since he framed the situation in the worst light possible. Maybe Han Gyul would have reacted better if he’d found out from Eun Chan.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Let’s take a detour into another relationship currently filled with shouting and tears: Yoo Joo and Han Seong. Do you understand why Yoo Joo is ready to drop Han Seong, because of his lingering feelings for Eun Chan?

Only: Yes and no. I can see that Yoo Joo always considered Han Seong her safe haven, so the idea that he could have feelings for someone other than her would be traumatic. At the same time, it sounds ridiculous to say that it’s okay for her but not for him. Even Yoo Joo knows that she’s not being fair or rational.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I suppose this is why Yoo Joo is hated by many viewers. She is openly selfish and self-serving in her relationships.

Speaking of selfish and self-serving, Han Gyul’s mother has her son’s complete trust, but she’s really prepared to keep him in the dark for life so that she doesn’t lose him to his biological father.

Only: Poor Han Gyul. He’s being lied to on all sides, though, like Eun Chan, I’m not sure that his family’s intentions are all bad.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Fortunately for his mother, Han Gyul is too focused on being angry with Eun Chan to realize that his family has been lying to him his whole life. His rage results in his forced kiss on Eun Chan at the end. I’m amazed that his assault on Eun Chan didn’t ruin Han Gyul for me completely.

Only: That has to be a low point in this series. Before we started recapping this time, I’d forgotten that Eun Chan is forcibly kissed by both cousins. I’m not sure what makes Han Gyul so forgivable in this situation either.

Junggugeo Kaenada: The fact that it happened at the end of this episode might have helped, because we immediately rushed to watched the next episode. Let’s move on to episode 12 and try to forget this ugly incident.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

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