Coffee Prince episode 16 recap

Side dish: While Eun Chan insists on going to Italy, Yoo Joo insists on going to Hong Kong. Here’s a recipe for Hong Kong Baked Spaghetti from NguLuc to comfort Han Gyul and Han Seong while they wait for them to come back.

Episode Recap

After Han Seong and Yoo Joo’s wedding ceremony, Han Gyul and his mother stand vigil by Grandma’s hospital bed. Han Gyul reminds his mother that Grandma had promised to live to see him married. Han Gyul renews his bid for marriage with Eun Chan who stubbornly stands by her five year plan to become financially independent first.

Eun Chan does wonder if she is being selfish by refusing to get married when Han Gyul’s grandma may not live long enough to witness the event. Sun Ki reveals that his love has left him without warning, and he realizes that he was being selfish by forcing his assistance and feelings on her.

Though she bad mouths Han Gyul, Eun Sae is secretly concerned that he will break up with Eun Chan over her refusal to marry him anytime soon. Eun Sae secretly meets up with him to ask that he wait until she finishes school so she can work to support their mother. They are interrupted by Min Yeop begging to get back together. Eun Sae eventually forgives Min Yeop for dating another woman.

Han Seong is dismayed to find out that Yoo Joo is pulling all-nighters for her exhibition and drinking for the sake of team building. He had hoped that she would prioritize the baby, but Yoo Joo insists that work is equally important to her.

After finding out that Han Gyul is having difficulty convincing Eun Chan to marry him sooner rather than later, Grandma gets back to work. She offers Eun Chan the chance to study to become a barista for two years in Italy. Han Gyul is against being separated from Eun Chan, while she is conflicted between her desire to study and her duty to her mother and sister.

Eun Chan’s mother encourages her to finally live for herself instead of worrying about her and Eun Sae, though she does commiserate with Mr. Ku and Mr. Hong about Eun Chan leaving. Meanwhile, Han Seong and Han Gyul feel guilty about trying to force the women in their lives to bend to their will. Happily for Han Seong, Yoo Joo takes a domestic turn, and makes kimchi at home.

Han Gyul decides to encourage Eun Chan to pursue her dreams of becoming a barista. He formally meets with Eun Chan’s mother and sister to ask for their blessing to marry Eun Chan when she returns from Italy. Eun Chan’s mother and Eun Sae happily approve.

While kissing Eun Chan, Han Gyul attempts to slip his hand under her shirt. Eun Chan slaps him away like a pervert. A frustrated Han Gyul attempts to avoid any further touching by Eun Chan who teases him by insisting on physical contact.

As the day of her departure draws near, Han Gyul and Eun Chan find it hard to even date. After a night of texting, Eun Chan runs over to Han Gyul’s apartment, then frantically looks for excuses to stay. Fearing that he will be unable to control his libido, Han Gyul throws her out then warns Eun Chan that if she reenters his apartment, he will not let her leave. Eun Chan knowingly steps back into his apartment, and they end up falling into bed together.


Only 만: Did your head just explode into hearts and flowers?

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: That’s not exactly how I would characterize my reaction; I’m actually fanning myself over here.

Only: I love how ridiculous this scene starts out and how abruptly it gets serious. Eun Chan barges her way into Han Gyul’s apartment, runs through every ridiculous excuse not to leave, including drinking his wine, fanning herself with the fridge door and playing basketball, and yet somehow her bananas seduction routine not only succeeds, but blows my mind.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Especially when the two of them stare at each other and he finally clues into why she won’t leave. It was refreshing to finally see a kdrama heroine who figured out what she wanted and went after it. And look how well it turned out!

Only: Lee Yoon Jung also directed another one of my favourite kisses in kdramas in “Heart to Heart”. There too, she slowed everything down, turned off the music and just showed us two people who were very, very into each other and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s pretty fantastic.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Despite her love for Han Gyul, I like that Eun Chan isn’t instantly jumping into marriage and letting Han Gyul carry her off on a white horse. Instead, she’s pretty clear-eyed about what she wants for her future and eventually it’s Han Gyul who compromises.

Only: Too bad it took some pointless angst between Eun Chan and Han Gyul to get there. As glad as I am that the two of them came together in such a fantastic way at the end of the episode, I wish the two of them could have figured out their problems instead of having Grandma step in to fix them.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Meanwhile, the ups and downs continue in Han Seong and Yoo Joo’s relationship, even as newlyweds. We go from arguments about drinking and staying out all night to bonding over Yoo Joo’s terrible kim chi.

Only: I could see both sides of their argument. While Han Seong later made a good point that he got angry at Yoo Joo for doing the things he does himself, Yoo Joo does seem pretty cavalier about ignoring medical advice regarding her pregnancy.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Well, the fact that they’re married is clearly not going to solve the problems in their relationship. Honestly, I’m never sure who to root for with these two, so let’s talk about the coffee princes and their love lives instead.

Only: They don’t seem to be doing that well this episode either. The love of Sun Ki’s life disappears on him, while Ha Rim gets his just desserts for being a player. And, I’m not even sure I can characterize the reunion of Min Yeop and Eun Sae as a good thing, given their relationship.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Hey, a happy ending is a happy ending. Luckily, we have Han Gyul and Eun Chan for that.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

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