Oh My Ghost episode 8 recap

Side dish: All that beef cooking on a grill put me in the mood for some galbi. Here’s a recipe from Maangchi for LA Galbi. If you want to be creative, use a blowtorch like Joon.

Episode Recap


Timid chef, Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), and horny virgin ghost, Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) become the cutest pair on this show as they agree to cooperate on the project of capturing the heart of celebrity chef, Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok) for Bong Sun, and resolving Soon Ae’s grudge so that she can go to heaven. Finally together, Soon Ae and Bong Sun trade confidences and frolic through the streets of Seoul. The next morning, Soon Ae is back in Bong Sun’s body, and goes straight back to harassing an unresponsive Sun Woo.


Shaman Suhbingo (Lee Jung Eun) is feeling guilty about letting a horny virgin ghost loose on Sun Woo, but not enough to stop her from gulping down the abalone porridge brought over by Sun Woo’s mother, Hye Young (Shin Eun Kyung). In between bites, Suhbingo tries to find out if Sun Woo has had any ill effects from being with a ghost, but gets nowhere.


Desperate for something to do on his vacation, Min Soo convinces Sun Woo that they should all go on an MT, a team-building trip, much to Soon Ae’s joy (and the consternation of the other chefs). That night, Sun Woo meets up with PD So Hyeong (Park Jung Ah) and gives her the easy out of pretending that she was too drunk to remember her kiss of the night before. She goes along with the excuse, but they’re both uncomfortable enough to end the conversation quickly.


Rather than go back to the restaurant, Sun Woo meets up with his mysterious brother-in-law, policeman Sung Jae (Im Ju Hwan). Their conversation turns to Sun Woo’s sister, Eun Hee (Shin Hye Sun), and the hit-and-run accident that put her in a wheelchair. When Sun Woo bemoans the fact that there were no witness nor CCTV of the accident, Sung Jae encourages him to forget about it, since Eun Hee now has him.

Back at Sun Restaurant, Soon Ae is surprised at Bong Sun’s enthusiasm in planning Sun Woo’s seduction. I begin to wonder why Bong Sun is taking questionable advice from a virgin in the first place.


The next day at the MT, the Sun Restaurant chefs are greeted warmly by their host couple. But, their mentally ill daughter obviously has some psychic abilities, since she spots that Soon Ae is possessing Bong Sun. Her apologetic parents drag her away, as the chefs unload their stuff into their cabins.


At dinner, Sun Woo initiates a competition between the chefs to produce the best beef dish. The winner is clearly Cordon Bleu trained chef, Joon (Kwak Si Yang), but Sun Woo is so annoyed at Soon Ae cheering for him that he gives it to Min Soo. When they run out of soju, Sun Woo volunteers to go get some more and Soon Ae tags along. Unfortunately for her, her usual harassment campaign is interrupted by the surprise arrival of So Hyeong.


Back in Seoul, as Eun Hee and Sung Jae are going out to see her friends, Suhbingo comes over to Hye Young’s apartment to spend time with her. When they meet, Suhbingo is unnerved by Sung Jae and his superior level of qi. Later, at the restaurant, when one of Eun Hee’s friends comments that the hit-and-run driver should be punished, Sung Jae goes outside and keys the woman’s car.

It’s time for drinking games at the MT. Both So Hyeong and Soon Ae try to make Sun Woo their black knight (i.e. drink in their place) so Sun Woo downs both shots and ends the evening. When it comes time to assign rooms, Soon Ae makes sure that Sun Woo gets his own room, but gets stuck rooming with So Hyeong. After arguing over Sun Woo, both women try to stay awake longer than the other. Soon Ae wins the contest, and sneaks into bed with an unwilling Sun Woo.


Unfortunately, instead of bedtime shenanigans, the two of them end up helping the host couple search for their missing daughter. When Soon Ae finds her, the daughter leads Soon Ae through the woods, locks her into a refrigerated storage building, then goes home into the arms of her worried parents.


Trapped in the storage unit, Soon Ae separates from Bong Sun and goes outside to try to open the lock. She can’t budge it, so instead Soon Ae manages to light a firecracker, to attract everyone’s attention. It works, and the chefs come running. Sun Woo is beside himself when he finds Soon Ae, and hugs her in relief. He insists on carrying her back to the cabins, unaware that Soon Ae, being a ghost, can withstand the cold.


The next morning, So Hyeong outmaneuvers Soon Ae and gets a ride with Sun Woo. So Hyeong finds her courage when they arrive and asks Bong Sun for the reason he won’t get closer to her. She takes back the question right away, and leaves before Sun Woo can say anything.

At the police station, Sung Jae’s partner gives him the news that the CCTV footage of Eun Hee’s accident has been salvaged. Sung Jae seems happy at the news, but later, when his partner tries to go home with the CCTV hard disk, he’s knocked out in the parking garage by a mysterious guy, who also destroys the hard disk.


Sun Woo gets back to the restaurant and immediately puts Soon Ae to work, learning how to cook. Soon Ae distracts him by faking sick, then asks why he was so overwrought when he found her in the refrigerated storage. Sun Woo is stricken but successfully dodges the question by telling her to clean up. Soon Ae complies, but ends up spraying herself with water instead of the floor. In the middle of helping her dry off, the atmosphere between Sun Woo and Soon Ae becomes charged, and their eyes lock. Soon Ae is nervous, but Sun Woo leans in and kisses her. Initially, she kisses him back, but then Soon Ae separates from a surprised Bong Sun. Both women stare at Sun Woo in shock as the episode ends.



Only 만: Wow. Sun Woo is pretty dreamy.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: I can appreciate his intensity, but I could not entirely enjoy his kiss with Soon Ae/Bong Sun. I felt that there was insufficient build up to that level of intimacy.

But, let’s save that debate for later, and discuss what we liked about episode 8.

Only: Um, I liked the kiss. But, this was, in general, a much better episode than the last one. Not only did I enjoy the chefs goofing around at the MT, but I also liked how the story with Sung Jae was building up. I’m super curious about the next episode, not only because of the kiss, but because it feels like we’re going to figure some stuff out about Sun Woo. And, I really want to know what’s going on with Sung Jae.


Junggugeo Kaenada: I do like how the writers are releasing bits and pieces of the mystery surrounding Sung Jae. It was chilling to see the frightened expression on the comical Suhbingo’s face when she finally meets Sung Jae. Not to mention Sung Jae keying Eun Hee’s friend’s car, plus he was probably the one who knocked out the cop. How do we reconcile this violent streak with how dedicated he is to Eun Hee? People who feel guilty enough to dedicate their life to caring for someone are usually willing to take the blame for their crime.

Only: I guess what Suhbingo said about Sung Jae seeming like two different people must be true. He is very caring towards Eun Hee, and seems normal with the family. It’s only on the subject of the accident and Soon Ae that he seems to get angry again. I’m going to stick with my earlier theory that Sung Jae is possessed by a ghost who’s about to go evil, like Soon Ae.


But, enough with the creepy. Let’s talk about Bong Sun and Soon Ae together. They’re so entertaining that I wish the two of them had made friends earlier in the series. I find it kind of hilarious how much Bong Sun defers to Soon Ae, who is as inexperienced as she is.

Junggugeo Kaenada: It’s like the blind leading the blind. I was thinking to myself how cute they were skipping over the bridge together, then plotting side-by-side on a strategy of seduction. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

What surprised me was that Soon Ae separated from Bong Sun when Sun Woo initiated a kiss. As if she knew she was an intruder.

Only: Maybe? It did seem like she kissed him back, but then got scared off. Maybe Sun Woo’s intensity was too much for her? It was almost too much for me.


Junggugeo Kaenada: So, now that we have returned to the kiss, I reiterate my belief that it was premature. Prior to the kiss, Sun Woo was still swatting Bong Sun away. And, how can he kiss with such conviction when So Hyeong is still trying to get his attention? I suppose that we are supposed to attribute his sudden passion to the scare of losing Bong Sun, but his reaction upon finding her also surprised me, because it seemed so overwrought.

Only: It surprised Soon Ae too, so the show did acknowledge that he was acting out of character. This is what I meant when I said we were on track to figure some things out about Sun Woo. He’s a pretty tight-lipped character in general, and I think we’ve never seen him use words to describe any emotion other than annoyance. So, maybe the kiss was premature, but both Bong Sun’s temporary disappearance and So Hyeong’s sudden pursuit of him seems to have knocked something loose. Anyway, I’ll give them till next week to convince me that the kiss wasn’t premature, and I’ll enjoy Sun Woo’s sudden dreaminess in the meantime.


Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)

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  1. TBH, I don’t know what to write because that Kiss at the end left all…. So yeah, Sun Woo is Dreamy.
    Things I was really happy happy to see in this episode were the friendship between our two girls and also Bong Sun coming out of her shell.

    I felt there were a number of plot devices and I also hope we get more insight into what brought Chep’s feelings to the fore. Was it just fear from seeing her in the cold room?

    But I have faith in the writers and I am content to sit back and rewatch the last 2 mins of episode 8 as many times as I can 🙂


    1. Definite rewatch potential on that kiss… I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with Sun Woo; maybe he’ll actually talk about his feelings for a change. I really thought he was going to say something to Sung Jae when he called him out for a drink, but he only talked about Eun Hee (though that was actually a relief. Don’t confide in your creepy brother in law, Sun Woo).

      Thanks for reading!


  2. To me that kiss seems right; after all, it took him way too long to kick her out of bed at the MT. Still waters run deep for a man of vitality.


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