Coffee Prince episode 13 recap

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Episode Recap

While having Eun Chan over to his place for dinner and a movie, Han Gyul proposes that she move with him to New York in a month. Eun Chan initially objects, because she does not want to get married, yet. Han Gyul points out that a couple can sleep with each other and live together without getting married. Eun Chan’s look of dismay prompts him to offer that they be neighbours instead.

When Eun Chan reveals her plans to move to New York, Eun Sae feels abandoned. Soon after, Eun Sae finds herself cast aside by Min Yeop after he is set up on a blind date by Ha Rim. She expresses her fear of being alone to Mr. Ku if he marries her mother. Mr. Ku reassures her that he will not marry her mother until she approves.

Eun Chan tells Sun Ki that she has decided to stay in Korea to support her family. Sun Ki encourages her to talk it over with Han Gyul, since he loves her enough to change his plans. However, Eun Chan does not want to get in the way of Han Gyul’s ambitions.

It doesn’t help when Eun Chan finds out from Ha Rim that Han Gyul already has a job lined up in the US as a toy designer. She bristles when Ha Rim suggests that she live off of Han Gyul in the US. Eun Chan has a growing desire to become a barista, and Mr. Hong encourages her ambition.

Eun Chan’s mother congratulates her on snagging her boss, but worries about their family failing to measure up to his. Meanwhile, Han Gyul’s grandmother and parents decide that it is time to take him to his biological mother’s memorial, and reveal that Lee Myung Jae is his biological father.

Han Gyul is angry, though he cannot say if it is directed at the biological father who abandoned him or his adopted family for failing to tell him the truth for so long. He calls Eun Chan over to his home to get his mind off his troubles, but ends up revealing that his father adopted the son of the woman he loved, and Han Gyul had rebelled, thinking he was his father’s illegitimate son. Eun Chan comforts him with a hug.

Eun Chan reveals her plans to stay and support her family to Han Gyul, refusing any financial help from him. When Han Gyul suggests that he stay in Korea, Eun Chan also gruffly rejects the idea. They consider flying weekly to visit each other.

While Yoo Joo is still missing, Han Seong picks up the mail from her apartment and leaves supportive messages on her voicemail. One night, he discovers her sleeping in his bed, and is silently ecstatic. When they are both awake, Han Seong asks Yoo Joo why she decided to return. Yoo Joo realized that it scared her to think that she might love him more than he loved her. Han Seong insists that he got over his feelings for Eun Chan when he watched Yoo Joo pack.

Han Gyul loses his temper after overhearing Ha Rim tell Eun Chan about blue balls, and watching the other employees order her around. The Coffee Princes decide to treat her like a princess to show that they know what male chivalry is.

After being alerted by his mother, Han Gyul sees his biological father, Myung Jae off at the airport. Their relationship is never explicitly acknowledged. Myung Jae offers his phone number should Han Gyul ever visit Australia, and Han Gyul learns that he has a 20 year old half brother.

Driving away from the airport, Han Gyul calls Eun Chan to thank her for the encouraging display she set up outside his apartment that morning, and to report how well the farewell went. He proposes that they be honest with each other from now on, and Eun Chan promises that she will.


Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: It still boggles my mind that Han Gyul proposed living together with Eun Chan before marriage – in a K-drama!

Only : It probably boggled Eun Chan’s mind, too, based on her response. Then, poor Han Gyul found himself backpedaling, because she was so scandalized by his proposal.

Junggugeo Kaenada: It’s like one step forward, then two steps back in realistically depicting a contemporary adult couple.

Only: Fortunately, Han Gyul and Eun Chan act like adults when it counts. Eun Chan follows Sun Ki’s sensible advice to talk with Han Gyul about her desire to stay in Korea to support her family. Han Gyul expresses a desire to keep communication open between them. Bravo.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Han Gyul’s response to his family’s secret was considerably more muted than to Eun Chan’s reveal about her sex. I guess crying and shouting over a family scandal is less entertaining than hysterics over being betrayed by a lover.

Only: I am grateful that we did not have to watch Han Gyul mope and rage all over again. The reunion of Yoo Joo and Han Seong was similarly understated, which was a nice resolution to their relationship woes.

Junggugeo Kaenada: With everyone acting so reasonable, did you find this episode a little boring?

Only: A little, especially after all the drama of the most recent episodes. However, it is nice that the writer decided to go the understated route in tying up loose ends.

Junggugeo Kaenada: If I wasn’t already so invested in the show, I might have stopped watching at this point. Rewatching “Coffee Prince” now, I feel a little dread at having to revisit these last few episodes.

Only: Just remember that by recapping and reviewing these final episodes, you’re saving others from having to rewatch them. It’s practically a public serve.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

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