Coffee Prince episode 14 recap

Side dish: There was a lot of wine drinking over dinner at Han Seong’s place. So, they could have spared some to make Monkfish Bourguignon.

Episode Recap

Eun Chan learns that Min Yeop is indeed dating a woman introduced to him by Ha Rim. She orders him to stay away from her sister. Yet, after revealing Min Yeop’s two-timing to Eun Sae, Eun Chan is dismayed when her sister immediately gives up on Min Yeop. Eventually, Eun Sae reaches out to Min Yeop with a conciliatory approach. Min Yeop admits that he has broken up with the other girl, and sly Eun Sae leaves him wanting with a farewell kiss.

Han Gyul has exceeded the profit goals set by his grandmother for the coffee house. Both she and his father ask when he will be departing for the US, and Han Gyul tantalizes them with the possibility of staying in Korea.

Eun Chan and Han Gyul are invited by Han Seong and Yoo Joo to have dinner at Han Seong’s place. Yoo Joo gets grief from Han Gyul for making Han Seong’s life difficult, then gets called a back stabber by Han Seong. Only Eun Chan seems uncomfortable with the shots the other three keep making at each other.

Yoo Joo discovers that she is pregnant, and reveals it to Han Seong with an ultrasound of the fetus sent via text. The expectant parents are happy, but nervous about the responsibility. Han Seong proposes marriage, but Yoo Joo still seems reluctant.

Ha Rim and Mr. Hong learn all about Sun Ki’s six year pursuit of a married woman with a child that lead him to leave Japan. Mr. Hong is impressed while Ha Rim is incredulous.

Eun Chan’s mother brings porridge to a sick Mr. Ku, but claims she does it out of neighbourly concern. Mr. Ku announces that he has decided to give up his pursuit of her. Eun Chan’s mother accepts his decision, but challenges his resolve by indicating that she doesn’t mind how talkative he is.

Eun Chan is taken aback when Han Gyul suggests visiting his grandmother. She attempts to charm Grandma before Han Gyul reveals Eun Chan’s actual sex and their dating status to the family matriarch and his mother. The older women are shocked, then Grandma is enraged that her grandson is dating the poor and androgynous Eun Chan, and might even give up his career plans for her. Afterwards, Eun Chan and Han Gyul try to make light of Grandma’s disapproval.

Han Gyul’s father is amused by his relationship with Eun Chan, but Grandma calls Han Gyul to berate and nag him about his future in New York. Han Gyul appeases Grandma by claiming that he has decided to go to New York, but he ends up pitching the offer of employment letter off the side of his building. The next day, Han Gyul presents a proposal to franchise the coffee house to his father who is impressed.

Meanwhile, Han Gyul’s grandma and mother decide to confront Eun Chan at the coffee house about her intentions. Just as Eun Chan is insisting that it is premature to consider marrying or breaking up with Han Gyul, he suddenly shows up. Han Gyul takes his grandma and mother aside, and reveals that he intends to stay in Korea for their sake as well as for Eun Chan.

After grandma and mother retreat from the coffee house, Grandma giving dirty looks at Eun Chan, Han Gyul reveals to Eun Chan that he is staying in Korea. She is concerned that he is throwing away his toy design career for her, but he states that he is doing it for himself; he loves her too much. They hug and smooch, to the mock disgust of Ha Rim.


Only 만: We got a little bit of drama this episode with Eun Chan’s reveal of her sex to Han Gyul’s family.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: Yes, but not too much drama, since Grandma’s disapproval did not shake Eun Chan and Han Gyul’s resolve to be together.

Only: Yes, that was nice. None of the usual Kdrama tropes of sacrificing the relationship to appease the family or the man wrist grabbing the woman after shouting his devotion to her in front of his family. Instead, Eun Chan and Han Gyul appear glum, but prepared to work their way to winning his family’s approval.

Junggugeo Kaenada: I also like how Eun Chan gives a realistic view of her relationship to Han Gyul’s grandmother. It really is too early for her to say whether they’ll break up or get married. Grandma just looks crazed in comparison with her hounding of the couple.

What did you think of the dinner at Han Seong’s place?

Only: Frankly, I would have felt as awkward as Eun Chan. Han Seong calling Yoo Joo a backstabber just sounded like unresolved issues.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Well, it’s all behind them now, because Yoo Joo and Han Seong are having a baby. Speaking of new beginnings, Han Gyul has decided to abandon his job opportunity in the US to stay in Korea for Eun Chan and his family.

Only: It seems like quite the sacrifice, but I don’t get the sense that Han Gyul feels any bitterness about the decision.

Junggugeo Kaenada: The series could have ended here, with Han Gyul and Eun Chan running Coffee Prince together, Han Seong and Yoo Joo expecting a baby, and Eun Sae still leading Min Yeop on, but there are three more episodes.

Only: Yes, and one of those is an extension episode. Oh well. Onwards!


The First Shop of Coffee Prince (커피프린스 1호점)

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